Still not over!

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Zen: *wakes up* WHOO!!! What happened?

Summer: you fainted after a sugar rush overload.

Zen: oh. What time is it?

Kate: about 12:01 in the morning.

Lia: so your birthday is done.

Zen: awe,but I wanna party more!*whines*....I know!

Ciera: what's your idea?


Kayla: great idea!

Abby: sounds legit.

Athena: let's get started!

Zen: *transports PowerStriker15,rosy007,magic_alicorn and boomclap04 over* Hi guys! Everyone, meet Paul,Bella,M.A and Akane!

Akane: I'm back!

M.A: After Partey!

Bella: break it down peeps!

Paul: this is awesome!

Summer: *turns on music and picks Timber* Its going down!

Kate,Jake: We're yelling Timber!

Elsa: you better move!

Punzie: you better dance!

Abby,Athena: let's make the night,you won't remember!

ZeLia: I'll be the one,you won't forget!

Hic: Guys! Its going down! I'm yelling Timber!

Others: *thinks Hic is only singing and doesn't notice the pine tree about to crash*.

Hic: hello?! You better move! Out of the way! Oh forget it!

*tree crashes on the side of the mansion making a big hole making everyone silent*

Mer: *sees Hic* why didn't you say anything?!

Hic: I've been trying to tell you guys for crying out loud!

Jackson: for crying out loud,cause maybe we found love right where we are.

Hic: stop the musical break outs!

Akane: we can't cause,This is,the time for music break outs! Cause we can't resist it no more!

Hic: this isn't funny anymore! Just stop!

Jack: but we can't stop,and we won't stop!

Hic: I'm going to my room.*leaves*.

Punzie: we annoyed Mr Turd!

Bella: hey guys?

Everyone else: yeah?

Bella: who's up for some swimming?

Everyone else: we shore are!

Hic: not the puns! Anything but the puns!

Zen: oh come on Hic,just loosen up and have some pun!XD

Hic: no,I do not want to have some 'fun'.*corrections Zen*.

Athena: suite yourself.

*everyone except Hic goes to the beach*


Mer: poor Hiccup,he would've loved to be here.

Abby: too bad he had to chicken out.*laughs*.

Paul: hey guys,why don't we tell jokes?

Bella: great idea Paul!

Jack: okay,Knock knock.

Others: Its Open!

Jack: ...knock knock.

Others: dude its open!

Jack: ...who's there?

Others: ...who's there who?

Jack: who's there,who says your not perfect!

Elsa: *claps hands* well done Frosty.


Hic: Ugh...its so boring!

Baymax: why do not you join the others and have some,pun?

Hic: Baymax,its Fun. Not pun.

Baymax: does that count you as a total*raises both hands* Partey Pooper?

Hic: hahaha,very funny.

Baymax: correction,very Punny.

Hic: whatever. Can you go fetch me some milk?

Baymax: okay.*leaves and comes back with a cow* here is your,milk.

Hic: I meant like in as glass!

Baymax: I am sorry,but don't you think a glass may be too small for your, milk?

Hic: *groans* your supposed to milk it using its udder.


Hic: like this.*goes to the cow and squeezes it's udders making it kick Hic away* Aahhh!

Baymax: at a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?

Hic: Ten.


*everyone keeps laughing*

M.A: okay, okay. Hahaha! Did you guys know about the viking who lost his left leg from a dragon?

Akane: hahaha, no.

M.A: well he's all right now!

Mer: Bwahahahaha!!! I know who that is! XD

Ariana Grande: hey y'all!

Akane: Ariana!

Ariana: I've been invited here by your Author. Now let's dance!

*Everyone starts dancing to bang bang*

Ariana: ask and dare away,bye!

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