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(Okay,so I'm going to mash up all your dares and put it into one chapter. Hope you enjoy!)


*I dare all of you to have a relaxing day for once.

*TB5 News

*Reenact Titanic

*DDGT(Disney DreamWorks Got Talent)


Zen: alright, for the first dare,I want YOU readers to have a relaxing day and enjoy this chapter. And now...ACTION!




Jack-...Jack XD

Elsa: *climbs over the boats rails*.

Jack: *sees Elsa* I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Elsa: *turns and sees Jack* and who are you to tell me not to?

Jack: I'm Jack.

Elsa: nice to meet you,Jack. Now leave me alone.

Jack: I wouldn't wanna jump if I were you,cause the water is freezing cold. Wouldn't survive for probably 5 minutes or less down there.

Elsa: oh..

Jack: now come on.*helps Elsa to get back on the other side*.

Elsa: *slips on the railing* Jack!

Jack: *grabs Elsa's wrists* I got you!

Elsa: don't let go,please.

Jack: I'd never do that.*pulls Elsa over making her fall on him* uh...

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