Birthday Bonanza!

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#living room

Jackson: alright everyone, its almost 8:00,get ready!

*everyone finishes hanging the snowflake streamers,puppy designed balloons and readied the party poppers*

Kate: balloons,check!

Summer: streamers,check!(she just got back from her new land filled with pandas which she rules over).

Jack: party poppers,check!

Hic: cake,uh...check?

Lia: ooh,we're ready!

Jackson: *looks at clock* just in time too,all we need now,is the birthday girl, Get ready everyone.*leaves*.

Abby: since when did Jackson became so...sweet and sincere about things?

Athena: since Zen came into his life.(^_^)

#Zen's room

Jackson: *whispers in Zen's ear* hey Zen,happy birthday.

Zen: *still fast asleep*...

Jackson: *thinks for awhile then has an idea* oh look,a puppy!

Zen: ......

Jackson: oh come on Zen,please wake up.

Zen: ......

Jackson: *frustrated* you suck Zen.

Zen: and you swallow.*giggles and buries her face in a pillow*.

Jackson: you changed your wake up call?

Zen: *nods*.

Jackson: ...aren't you gonna get up?

Zen: *faces him* its too early.*whines*.

Jackson: its 8:00 in the morning.

Zen: still,its too early.*about to go back to sleep*.

Jackson: oh no you don't.*tickles her*.

Zen: hahaha! Ja-Jackson stop-hahaha! Okay!*does a quick wave of her hand and is now freshened up with her hair in big curls and wearing an ice summer dress* there,happy?

Jackson: uh huh,now shall we?*holds out hand*.

Zen: we shall.*locks her arm around Jackson's*.

#living room

Elsa: their coming! Places!

Jackson: *gestures Zen to go in first* after you.

Zen: thank you.*enters living room*.

The big 8 and the other girls: SURPRISE!!! HappyBirthday!!!*pops the party poppers*.

Zen: WOW! (•▽•)

Jackson: Happy Birthday Zen.

Zen: thank you,all of you! I would really love to thank you all one by one but there's just too many of you.(´∀')

Lia: oh uhm,Zen? Can I talk to you for a sec,alone?

Zen: sure!


Zen: so,what did you wanna talk about?

Lia: do you still remember your..potion?

Zen: *suddenly has worried look* o-oh. Do I look any different?

Lia: no,you look fine.

Zen: any eye changing effects?

Lia: their still your natural brown color.

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