Your time to shine!

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Alright! Since I don't have time to make a chapter until Saturday or Sunday,I want YOU readers to answer my questions and do my dares. Fair enough,right? Cause I hate leaving you all. So just comment your answers and make a short story on how you will do your dare.

Example: I dare You to jump on one foot.

Go to the comment section and comment something like this-

You/Your name: *jumps on one foot then trips* ow!

You can also add some of your fave characters to do your dare with you like Elsa,Jack,etc.

I hope you all can cooperate in this,I love reading all your comments! It brings joy to the authors knowing that their readers love their books.

Now,here is my question and dare!

Q: What is your favorite thing to do when your bored?

D: I dare you to prank call your favorite actor/actress/Idol.

The funniest comment will be rewarded to guest in one of my chapters. So good luck fabflakes!

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