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Zen: hello my awesome Fabflakes! In this chapter,you'll all learn about how I act or in other words,get to know me more. Let's start!

Lesson 1: how to speak Zenianese.

Zen: alright,so to speak my made up language,all you have to do is add z to your words. Like this.

Hic: *comes in* hey Zen,where are the burritos placed?

Zen: I dunnoz dude.

Hic: how can you not know,I saw you get all of them from the kitchen then transport them somewhere.

Zen: oh...waz't mez.

Hic: *sighs* their under the couch again,are they?-_-

Zen: yez.

Hic: *leaves*.

-Commonly used words with z by the author.



*"wazzup"-what's up.



Lezzon 2: words the author says in awkward situations or in random questions.

Zen: okay,in this lezzon,I will reenact me in a situation I am with my little bro.

Jackson: *groans* do I have to be your brother?

Zen: dealz with itz.

Jackson: *sighs and says the words my brother says* hey Zen,did you watch Pewds' new videos?

Zen: *being sassy but emotionless* I don't care about you Mr boss,cause 1. I don't like you and 2. I no like you.

Jackson: hah! So you don't like pewds!

Zen: no,it's cause I already watched them before you.

Jackzen: ...and scene.

Everyone else: *applauds*.

Lia: that was so realistic!

Jack: *wipes away a tear* so,beautiful.

Elsa: oh frosty.-_-'

-random words the author shouts or says.

*"people"-says when someone asks her stuff relating to people she doesn't know or things in what people do.

(Ex: Athena: Zen,do you know who sang the song 'Everybody talks'?

Zen: ...probably people.

Athena: uh...okay,never mind.)

*"Watermelown!"-says when sees a watermelon.

(Ex: Zen: *singing* and I...will always love you-*sees a watermelon* WATERMELOWN!

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