Mall,Beach,Sky and Couch

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#girls only room

Lia: I have a dare,its for Elsa to freeze Hiro,Jack to go in the mall wearing a pink and purple bikini and say you people do not have to wear bikinis!'and lastly for Hiro to be Jack's mother for three months. And to wear a mom suit.

Summer: let's go tell them!

#living room

Athena: Elsie! You got a dare!

Elsa: ooh,what is it?

Bloom: its for you to freeze Hiro.

Elsa: uhm,okay.*sees Hiro and freezes him* sorry.

Hiro: cold,cold,cold,cold,cold.

Lia: I enjoy the suffering of others.

Abby: hey,there's frostbutt!

Jack: what do you girls want?

Amoy: wear this.*gives him a pink and purple bikini*.

Jack: I hate what your planning already.*flies off and comes back wearing the bikini*.

Kate: now you have to say 'you people do not have to wear bikinis!' In the mall.

Jack: curse this dare!


Jack: *goes in* you people do not have to wear bikinis!*flies off*.

Security guard: teens these days.


Jack: *wearing his normal clothes* done.

Hiro: *wearing a big and loose dress with a handkerchief on his head* they forced me to wear it.

Jack: you look like an old lady!XD

Jada: don't be so happy frost,cause your the child.

Jack: ಠ╭╮ಠ fudge.

Hiro: alright Jacky,go upstairs and clean your room.

Jack: *groans* yeah yeah 'mom'.

Hiro: also you have to sweep the floor,do the laundry, dust the cabinets,wash the dishes,fix the stove,unclog the sink,buy the groceries, clean all the rooms in the mansion,cook our lunch,arrange the furniture, throw out the trash,vacuum the living room,maw the lawn,dust the curtains and finally disinfect the bathroom,understood?

Jack: ⊙▃⊙*faints*.

Anna: hahahaha! You got to him real good!XD

Ding Dong!

Emmetha: *opens door* hi! Who are you?

Angel: Hi! I'm Angelmadrid10 or Angel. I have a dare.

Brittany: come in!

Kayla: so what's the dare?

Angel: its for the big eight and others to go to the beach,and the young 9 to do whatever they want to the mansion and for Henry to play fnaf alone in a dark room.

Kate: yes! Let's go!

Lia: So since your the eldest Jackson,you'll be in charge while we're gone,got it?

Jackson: s-sure,bu-

Lia: bye!*leaves with the others*.

Jackson: *sighs* never mind.

#dark room

Henry: *trembling in fear* ergh...AHHHHH!!!! NO DON'T TAKE MY TACOS FREDDY!!!


Abby: hey guys,I just realize something.

Athena: what?

Abby: where's Zen?

Lia: hmm,she's right. Where'd she go?

Ciera: haven't seen her all day.


DATS: we have a dare for Mericcup to flying together.

Mer: alright! Come on Hic!

Hic: alright!

*Mericcup then leave and ride Toothless*

Reg: last dare is for us to watch,Black Butler. Its an anime I guess?

*after watching*

Angel: we've been watching for a whole 1 hour.

Lia: hmm,I guess we can end this chapter?

Athena: well,take it away guys.

Big 5: ask and dare away!

Jackson: guys! There's still something missing!

Kate: no,more like someone.

Abby: and that's our Author.

Duh! DUh! DUHN!

Where did I go? I don't know!XD just felt like disappearing,cause it was starting to get boring around here.

Give me some dares relating to adventures! So I can make a chapter,see you guys soon!

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