...hello? and YAY!

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Hi fabflakes! Are you guys still reading? Omg I'm so sorry if this book isn't being updated. I don't know what happened to Crystal but I'm sure she has her reasons. It's really been a while...I missed you all. Very very much. I read some of your comments using my other account and I'm glad at least few of you are still here.

Gosh I'm a horrid author for abandoning my precious book and lovely readers. You guys are amazingly fantabulous! Don't ever forget that. :)

So, I just came to check up on things here. And I've just noticed that OMG ARE Y'ALL SERIOUS?! ASK AND DARE THE BIG FIVE BOOK 1 HAS-WHAT?- 203K READS?! THAT'S SO COOL AND I'M SO PROUD AAAHHHHHH ╥﹏╥ THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

just know that Zenpai never left, okay? I won't ever forget you guys. I've had so many good times and memories through out making my books on this account and (T▽T) I'm just so happy.

I love you all my fabflakes! I'll try giving you guys updates here, how's that? To make up for almost a month and a half without this book being updated. Please hang in there guys! (^_^)

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