Haunted House Horror

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DATS: hello readers,I shall be telling the dares for you to know them. First one is I dare the big eight to go to a super scary haunted mansion(that is fake)and don't come out of the house screaming or crying. The others can act like the ghosts and monsters.

#A mansion

Anna: wait,so is this the house we're supposed to go to?

Hic: well,the address said Maple Syrup Street,Mine Blocks next to a red floor?

Punzie: what kind of street name is that?

Eugene: *shrugs* let's go explore.

*Big 8 walk around the mansion*

Abby: *dressed as a ghost with a rope tied on her waist*.

Athena: *secretly turns lights off lights*.

Big 8 except Mer: AHHH!!!!

Kate: *shines a flash light at Abby but makes sure to not get the rope around her waist noticeable*.

Abby: *swoops down on the big 8 flaying her arms around and making ghost sounds* Aaaoohhhh!!!

Lia: *turns on green and creepy lights*.

Summer: *makes lightning sounds from the roof*.

Kristoff: what is happening?!

Mer: probably the thunder.

Jack: how are you not scared Red?!

Mer: *shrugs*.

Zen: *dressed as a vampire and pops out in front of the big 8* Ragh!!!*shows fangs*.

Hic: Ahhh!!! Not vampires!

Jack: they Suck!

Zen: and you swallow!*tackles HiJack*.

HiJack: AHHH!!!!

Lia: *opens a trap door from underneath Zen and HiJack making them fall into the secret room*.

Zen: ba bye!*flies up and locks the trap door*.

Elsa: Jack!

Mer: ...turd?

Summer: *goes behind Kristoff and tackles him in a panda costume* Die!

Kristoff: No get off! First it was Freddy and now a Panda?! What's going on?!

Anna: Kristoff!

Elsa: Anna!

Punzie: Eugene!

Eugene: Punzie!

Mer: Giraffe!

Kristoff: uh...okay?

Lia: *whispers to Zen* do my dare Zensai.

Zen: alright Lia-san.*cuts herself* er...fudge.

Kate: what are you doing?!*whisper yells*.

Zen: ergh...doing. my. dare.*let's some of her blood drip into a doll* horrible idea! Such a horrible idea!*whisper yells*.

Abby: Lia,are you letting Zen posses a doll?

Lia: yeah,why?

Zen: *makes a pile of snow around her* I feel weak after loosing some blood,I'll just take a nap.*passes out on the pile of snow*.

Zen doll: *starts to move*.

Athena: its...working. O_o

Zen doll: *has a creepy chipmunk voice* wanna play?

Kate: no...

Lia: Zen?

Zen doll: *voice changes into my voice* yeah?

Abby: go and scare the fudge out of the big 8.

Zen doll: okay.*walks creepily to the big 8*.

Punzie: *gasps* i-is that a d-doll?

Zen doll: I wuv you!

PunzAnnElsa: AHHHHHH!!!!!

Eugene: *trips on a ball causing him to fall on PunzAnnElsa and making them get trapped in a cage* sorry.

Mer: I'll see ya guys later then.*walks away*.

Anna: Merida! Don't leave us!

Mer: I already have.

Summer: what can scare the brave archer?

Lia: I know!*pushes a button*.

*the way Mer is going starts to fog up*

Mer: what is happening?

*music starts to play*

Mer: *gasps* no,not him! Anything but him!

JB: and I was like baby,baby,baby,ooh!

Mer: AHHHH!!!*falls in a hole with apples* this is better.

Zen: *wakes up* has it been 5 minutes yet?

Athena: more than that I think?

Jackson: Zen! Where are you?!

Zen: uh oh,certainly not gonna go with him right now.*flies off*.

Abby: what's up with her?

Lia: she's been trying to do a world record of not being seen by Jackson,its going pretty good. 2 weeks with Jackson constantly bragging where Zen is.-.-

Jackson: *finds Zen doll* oh hey,you look like Zen!

Zen doll: Beef Jerkyson!

Jackson: AAHHH!!!

Summer: ask and dare away!

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