Valentine's Special!

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Jackson: *skips in happily* we have a dare!

Zen: mhmm..lay it on me.*says still looking at her tablet's screen*.

Jackson: *smirks* okay.*lifts Zen up bridal style*.

Zen: woah-hey! What are you doing?!

Jackson: doing the dare.

Lia: *comes in with the co authors* yo yo-what is going on?

Athena: *grabs dare card* oh...its seven minutes in heaven for Jackzen or Jen or whatever their shipname is.

Zen: just go with Jen, its shorter.

Lia: *smirks* kinda sounds like you and Javed's shipname.

Zen: lol, no. He's my 'son'.

Lia: *rolls eyes* sure he is.

Jackson: whoever this Javed dude is, I don't like him.

Zen: of course you don't, but don't worry, you're the only love for me. Plus he already has a crush.*squeals* and they're absolutely cute together!

Lia: but you and Javed are cute too! You call each other 'louve', so close with each other, ship me with an idiot-

Zen: even though you like him.

Lia: ...are 1D af and are just plain crazy.

Zen: haha, lol.XD thank you, I know. But still, our relationship is like a bro and sis kind of relation, and he ain't my type. I find boys with curly or messy hair adorable. Plus dimples! Ahhh...

Jackson: ...oh hey! Someone just dared that we'd do seven minutes in heaven again! That means 14 minutes!

Zen: what-woah!* gets dragged into a closet by Jackson*.

Lia:, I still ship Javen.*shrugs*


Zen: *awkwardly clears throat* so uh, how's life?

Jackson: er, good. Yeah...*trails off*.

Zen: *leans on Jackson*.

Jackson: w-what are you doing?

Zen: *pulls off ear bud* oh, uh, wanna listen?*offers other ear bud*.

Jackson: sure, what is it?

Zen: *smiles* romantic 1D songs.

Jackson: *smiles* okay.

-1 hour later

Abby: how can they make out that long?

Summer: *brushing one of her panda's fur* don't know? Their a couple, surely they can do it that long.

Kate: wow, couples are hardcore.

Elsa: hello girls, where's Jackson and Zen?

Co authors: in heaven.

Elsa: *gasps* they're dead?!

Kate: no! We meant-

Summer: in the closet.

Athena: making out.

Abby: or whatever they're doing in there.

Lia: *opens door seeing Jen sleeping cuddled up to each other* they fell asleep.

Punzie,Anna: *pops out, takes pics of Jen then dissapears into the kitchen*.

Athena: ...weird.

Lia: wake up, lovebirds.

Zen: *groans and cuddles into Jackson* shut up, mom.

Jackson: *holds Zen closer and mumbles* my Harry.

Zen: *mumbles* my Louis.

Abby: gotta admit, they're cute.

Lia: gosh, they're such directioners.*drags them out the closet*.


Lia: you've been listening to 1D songs for an hour, Zen. Your phone is dead.

Zen: oh fudge!

Hiro: *taps Lia's shoulder*.

Lia: whatcha want, hamsoda?

Hiro: *hands Lia flowers and gummy bears* happy valentine's day.

Lia: gummybears! Thanks Hiro!*hugs him*.

Hiro: *blushes*.

Punzie: hey co authors, there are cookies and sweets in the kitchen I just finished baking.

Co authors: thanks Punz!

Jackson: *whispers in Zen's ear* always in my heart.

Zen: *kisses his cheek* forever and always.

Hope you guys enjoyed this chappy!
Haha, shout out to @Lilybrowne12 hello love! Nice to know you're loving this book even though I don't update as much and its going to end NOT SO VERY SOON.

P.S I made a really good Lia impression, don't ya think, Lilibeth?XD hahaha, I tried.

See ya guys in the next chapter!

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