getting pranked

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Zen: hey DATS,any dares?

DATS: yup.*sends brain message*.

Zen: *smiles wickedly* Mwahahahahaha!!!

Jackson: why are you laughing like that?

Zen: oh I don't know,I drank a potion that would kill me and now an laughing cause I only have 10 seconds to live.*sarcasm*.

Jackson: What?!

Zen: only cure is for my true love to scratch his butt on the floor like a dog.*concealing laughter*.

Jackson: anything to save you!*scratches his butt on the floor like a dog*.

Zen: hahahahaha!*sticks a Z sticker on his head* Strike of the Z!*flies off to prank the others*.

Jackson: dang these dares!


Elsa: chocolate!

Anna: chocolate!

Punzie: chocolate!

Zen: *comes in holding 3 plates* dessert is served!*places the trays on the table then stands by the door* enjoy!

PunzElsAnna: *takes a fork and takes a bite* mmm..yum!

Zen: glad you like it! Its made of mud! And if your lucky you can get an earth worm!

PunzElsAnna: *pukes cake out* Blah! What the fudge?!

Zen: ✌kidding,bye!*sticks Z stickers on the girls before flying off*.

Anna: uh...*sees something wiggly in her cake* Ahh! A worm!

Elsa: no,Anna its a gummy worm.

Punzie: ooh!*eats gummy worm and sighs* strawberry...


Hic: *sitting in the grass making a new fire sword* hmm...

Zen: hey Hic,what ya got there?

Hic: my fire sword, why?

Zen: can I touch it?

Hic: s-sure.

Zen: *takes fire sword them throws it at a bow similar to Merida's*.

Hic: *gasps* Merida's bow!

Mer: *comes outside* has anyone seen my b-*sees the bow that's burning* Why is ma bow burning?!

Zen: *points to Hic* it was him!


Hic: no!i-it wasn't me!

Zen: yeah it wasn't.*Z's Mericcup then runs*.

#guest room

Athena: why isn't anyone updating?!

Kate: I don't get it!

Lia: girls,chill,they're probs busy.

Zen: *walks in with dark eye shadow and contacts*.

Reg: woah,what happened to you?

Zen: *deep voice* I killed everyone and everything you love. Now to kill all of you!*summons dark magic*.

Girls: AHHHHH!!!!-I'm gonna swing,from the chandelier!

Zen: *turns back to normal* sorry bout that,bye!*Z's them*.

Abby: probably was a dare.

Amoy: I agree. Let's wait for her to finish,I have a dare.

Jada: yay!

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