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....................uh.........h-hey?.....yeah,uhm. Sorry for shocking you guys about me leaving, Wattpad and all. I really didn't mean it...I don't know what came over me...its just that,I was having a really excruciating pain in the stomach,and I was like having mood swings. And I guess I went all suicidal...-not like killing stuff! Just making me leave Wattpad can kill me! So yeah. So sorry! And about the hateful comments,I don't even care about them! It was just my sensitive self talking non sense again. Ugh! I wasn't myself when I made that chapter...I BLAME PUBERTY!!!

But I don't think making that chapter was a waste,it helped me realize that you guys do care,especially Athena and Lia,thanks girls for the support.

Hope you guys understand. No harm done here. Just another misunderstanding. Yeah. See you in the next chapter!

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