I'm front!

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Zen: I'm front again!

Big five: YAY!

Jackson: I missed you!*runs and hugs Zen*.

Zen: *hugs back* awe,me too buddy. Well this isn't a chapter guys,but the next one will be. This is just to inform you guys that I'm front.

Hiro: no more depression?

Zen: nope,I'm good. Also,Readers! Go ahead and check out Lia's new book! Its of course,about the big five. In highschool. She and Hiro are there too.

Lia: also you,'Zelian'.*giggles*.

Zen: *smiles* and me. Well go check it out guys! Here's Lia's account- xxx_Lia_xxx now click on it and read her story! And you never know,you'll be in there too!

Lia: so please read it!

Hiro: too bad I'm not your boyfriend there.*pouts*.

Zen: maybe you will Hiro.

Hiro: yeah. 'Maybe'.-_-

Lia: hahaha! Your so cute when you pout like that Hiro-kun!

Hiro: *smiles*.

Zen: well bye readers!

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