Big Five Comic #3/Prank a lot

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Amoy: I have a dare!

Jada: tell us!

Amoy: alright,first is for me and Zelia to force Jack to play with lion cubs in front of a lion.

Zen: *smirks and raises frozen soda cans*.

Lia: *readies her sword*.

Jack: *gulps*.


Jack: *hanging for his life on a tree branch* HELP!

Summer: I'll be in the Panda section if you need me!*runs off*.

Bloom: why is the lion pink?

Reg: no one knows for sure how it turned pink,but witnesses say a guy wearing a pink scarf,princess tiara and has a crab as an apprentice did it.

Angel: that sounds familiar.

Amoy: okay,next dare is for everyone except the big 8 and young 9 to ride dinosaurs for 1 hour.

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Kayla: this is so cool!*riding a triceratops*.

Ciera: I know right?!*setting trees on fire*.

Abby: fudge! There's a giant T-rex coming eight after us!

Athena: I,have a plan.*makes a flame in her hand* hey Rex!*gets the T-Rex's attention* come at me bruh!*running away from it*.

Kate: Athena,are you crazy?! I mean just when we already got things sorted out you try to get killed?!

Athena: don't worry! I have no intention of doing such!*makes a sharp turn causing the T-rex to fall into a pit of cactuses*.

Hans: nice turn Athy!

Athena: thanks Hamsy.

Kayla: on to the next dare!

Amoy: leave it to me.


Lia: its so nice of you Amoy to cook our food tonight.

Amoy: what can I say,its the least I can do for you guys.*secretly grabs a fake hand with fake blood and stabs it in front of the others* Ow!

Jason: What the heck?!

Punzie: *eyes twitching* uh...

Elsa: *faints*.

Amoy: *licks the fake hand* mmm...strawberry.

Anna: *faints*.

Amoy: hahahahaha! It was just a dare. From me. The next dares,DATS will tell you by brain message.

DATS: *sends the dares*.

#Nightgown's lair(aka Pitch)

Kate: yo Pitch We're back!

Pitch: ugh! Come on,can't you girls leave me alone for just two weeks?!

Angel: after this!

*ZenLiAmoyJadaSummerElsa spray pink glittery paint all over Pitch's lair and adds cute stickers, streamers,stuffed animals and then turns his robe into a nightgown*

Pitch: No! This is inappropriate clothing for  a villain like me!

Zen: don't really see you as a villain, more like a cranky queen with horrible mascara.

Pitch: why you little-!

Amoy: Abby,Now!

Abby: Burn!*sets Pitch on fire*.



Amoy: okay,Kate?

Kate: yeah?

Amoy: go on and host your own Taylor Swift party.

Kate: OHMYGOSH YES!!!*calls TW* hey Taylor,yeah,I'm hosting a TW party here,uh huh,okay I'll see you in a bit,bye!*ends call* she's coming!

Bloom: wouldn't be a TW party without TW herself.

Amoy: now,Athena go punch Hans and then we'll all prank Jack.

Athena: I'm so so so so sooo sorry Hamsy!*punches Hans square in the nose*...that felt good. In a way.

Hans: *holding his nose* not my beautiful nose!

Eugene: I feel your pain buddy.

Ciera: so how are we gonna prank Jack?

Zen: we know just what to do.*smirks* follow us!

#Jack's room

Jack: *watching spongebob and eating hot dogs* I've always wondered what it would be like to be a sponge?

ZenAmoySummer: WISH GRANTED!*uses their potion and turns Jack into a blue sponge with square pants*.

Jack: AHHHH!!!I didn't really wanted to turn into one!

Punzie: too bad,cause its already done.

Lia: so ask and dare away!

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