We're Back!

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Elsa: hello?*enters the mansion*.

Jack: How'd we get transported here? Aren't we supposed to come back on March 13?

Punzie: hey guys,what's that?*points to a figure in the shadows*.

Hic: *holds up fire sword*.

Mer: *raises her bow*.

Punzie: *readies frying pan*.

Anna: *has a steel guitar*.

Kristoff: *has a pick axe*.

Eugene: *has a similar frying pan*.

Young 10: *holding a sack of soda cans*.

Jelsa: *readies powers*.

*the figure comes out of the shadows and turns the lights on*

Big 8: Summer?

Summer: oh uh,hi!

Mer: what are you doing in here las?

Summer: I don't know? I was just chiling in my room when suddenly I got transported here.

*a flash of light appears and sends out Lia,Emmetha,Brittany,Kate,Reg,Nics,Ciera,Athena,Abby and Kitty land on the couch*

Abby: huh?

Athena: why are we here?

Lia: Zen didn't inform me that she'd bring us here?

???: cause I wanted it to be a surprise.

*Zen comes out*

Jackson: *tackles Zen in a hug* I missed you so much!

Zen: *hugs back* it was only a day?

Jackson: when I'm not with you it felt like forever.

Zen: awww...*waves her hand and sends Hans,Hiro,and Baymax to the mansion*.

Hans: there you are Athena! One minute your cuddling with me and the next your here?!

Athena: dude,it was only 2 minutes.

Hiro: Lily Bunny!

Lia: My Nerdy adorkable Hiro!

*HiLia hugs*

Zen: now that everyone is here,I'd like to say that. We're starting the book early! Cause I know some of the readers are dying to read the new book.

Nics: in that case, I dare everyone to watch Sherlock!

*in the theater room*

Abby: pass the popcorn Athy.

Athy: here you go.*hands a bucket of popcorn*.

Zen: *gets up from seat* I'm just,gonna get some fresh air.*leaves*.

Lia: *remembers something* Emmetha,her potion thing.

Emmetha: that's right.

#frozen garden

Zen: *sitting on a rock in the middle of the pond*.

Jackson: *flies and sits next to her* hey,are you okay?

Zen: *lowers head* no,in a couple of weeks I'm gonna change.

Jackson: what do you mean by change?

Zen: *sighs* before,I made a potion and I decided to test it out. But it went wrong. And now I'm just waiting anxiously if I'm still going to be safe around you guys.

Jackson: as long as I'm here,your always going to be safe,we can work something out. You just have to believe.

Zen: *smiles* I love you Jackson.

Jackson: I love you too Zen.

the others: Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

*Jackzen kiss*

*soon the other couples kiss*

Kate: this is so sweet!

Ciera: wanna go to a farmer's market?

Kitty: and burn it?

Emmetha: let's go!

Reg,Britt and Abby: Ask and dare away!

I'm back early readers! I just couldn't stand the wait either so I made this chapter already.

The characters from the first book will pop out sometimes when I feel like they need to alright? So don't worry for some who joined before,your coming back!

Give us some awesome dares and questions! We'll do them and have fun while we do it! Bye for now!

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