Fangirls and Celebs

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I dare Hic to walk in front of a police station,a hospital and his fan girls...Naked!

Hic: whaaaa?

Jack: *still being Jackson* just do it...uncle Hic!

Jackson: *still being Jack* yeah,bud.

Hic: *groans* I'm doing this for the readers!

Merida: wait! Before ya take your clothes off,use this!*gives Hic a black piece of cardboard*.

Hic: what's this for?

Punzie: it'll be your censor! Duh!

Lia: we don't wanna see you naked!

Hic: fine

#police station

Hic: *is naked and covering his front with the so called censor* I regret nothing!

Officer: *says in walky talky* we have a case of PDN-

Zen: *comes in wearing glasses* no need for the arrest officer for the Public Display of Nudity. you see the man who is nude right now is a Collogue of mine.

Officer: *gasps* are you the president hamburger lady?!

Zen: yes.

Officer: your friend is free to go ma'am, now. Can you please sign my forehead?*squeals*.

Zen: sure,Mr officer.*signs his forehead* there,bye!

Officer: wait till my coworkers see this!


Hic: this is natural people!*runs by*.

Doctor: oh my,that man needs to go to rehab!

Zen: hold it right there,doc! I am Pres. Zen. I would like you to not put that man in rehab for he is with me. Also,I'd like you two put this on your wall.*gives the doc a frame and leaves*.

*Doctor reads the content of the frame*

"Laughter is the best medicine,but if you laugh for no reazen,you need medizen."~Zen. P.S. Zen was here.

Doc: *sheds a tear* so,inspirational.

#fan girls

Hic: *running away then hides behind Zen* AHHHHHH!!! Help me!

Zen: *goes in front of the fan girls* hold it right there ladies!

Fangirls: And who are you?!

Zen: who am I? Oh surely you girls have recognized me?

Fangirls: *confused* we don't know who you are!

Zen: well then,let me introduce. I am Zen,Guardian of Meditation,surprisingly Still the president of America and one of the friends of this dude.*points to Hic*.

Fangirls:*says mockingly*.

Zen: *sighs* you asked for it. Guards! Take these fangirls away,for insulting the president.

Fangirls: wait what? She's serious?!*gets hand cuffed by guards* No! We're sorry! Yeah! So sorry!

Zen: nez,I'm still moody today,so enjoy prison!

Hic: *sighs in relief* thanks for saving me,Pres. Zen.

Zen: *grabs Hic's wrist* come along now,Chief of Berk.

Hic: ...okay?


Zen: I arrive with the Chief of Berk.*sits down and watches documentary*.

Abby: what is she doing?!

Athena: Ahhh!!! Documentary!

Summer: kill it!

Kate: it burns!

AthenAbbySummerKate: DIE!*smashes TV*.

Zen: *looks up* why in the world would you girls smash the TV?

Jackson: Ahhh!!!

Hiro: what?

Jack: Ja-I mean,Dad! What's wrong?

Jackson: wearing...glasses!

Mer: but she wears glasses all the time.

Jackson: not sunglasses... Nerd glasses!


Athena: what?!

Summer: it can't end!

Elsa: no,we meant was-

Punzie: instead of the world ending.

Elsa: its the book.

Hic: hope its not true.

Zen: *stands* now if you all would excuse me,I shall be in my room,reading a book.

Kate: ...that's normal.

Zen: about history.*leaves*.

Everyone else: ⊙︿⊙......

Hi...readers. Okay look,I'm not in the mood to do more dares. So can you guys please try and make me smile? My depression is taking over and its getting stronger. I don't know what I've been doing lately,I just snap out of it and see I'm doing something different from what I was supposed to do.

Well this is Zen. Bye...

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