A little Trip with Fwiends

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Zen: oh gosh,I'm not updating very often now. I hope I didn't loose any readers,I'm sure they understand but maybe disappointed.*frowns*.

Lia: hey,cheer up!

Athena: you can obviously notice the nonstop votes and some comments you're receiving.

Zen: yeah,on my other books. Sometimes here also.

Abby: which means they're still there!

Kate: voting and commenting to let you know they are still reading your books.

Summer: its their way of getting you to notice them,knowing they want to read a new chapter.

Zen: its kinda bit annoying to always hear a new notification every now and then. But don't stop! I love your positive feedback. My tablet is just silent more often now.XD

Erik: hi Zen!

Zen: oh hey! Here's our guest for the day, Erik!

Girls: Hi bruh!

Erik: hey peeps!

Lucas: dare time!

Zen: yeah,let's see.*reads first dare* hmm,alright! Oh yeah,kamusta too awesome fabflake! Now,let's get this day started.*evilly grins*.

#Cliff top

Jackson: so,why are we here agai-AAAHHHHHH!!*falls off cliff*.

Hiro: what the fudge?!

Zen: ...it was an accident? He he.*pushes Hiro* bye!

Hiro: Jackson wait for meeeeehhhh!

Jack: don't you dare-*gets pushed off* why do I even bother.-_-

Hic: now,now. You wouldn't push your own uncle Hiccup off a cliff now,would you?

Zen: you ain't my uncle! I killed my uncle!

Hic: then uh,I'm your pet!

Zen: I killed my pet too.

Hic: well t-then*thinks of a good excuse*...I'm your father!

Erik: *says behind bushes* duh,duh,DUH!

Zen: *gasps*...no your not.-_-

Hic: *dramatically places hand on his chest* how. Dare. You-!*trips on his own clumsiness* But I was in my element!

Erik: ...welp, gotta go! See ya Zen!

Zen: bye bruh! Hope you enjoyed your guesting!

Erik: *mumbles* oh I did...*runs away with a sack full of chocolate from the mansion*.

Zen: nez,I'll get more from Lia.*walks off*.

Lia: *appears* so she's the one getting! Meh, I'll get more from beef Jerkyson.*goes to where Zen went*.

Jackson: *over hears from a distant* so Lia was the one getting! Eh,I'll get more from Hiro.

Hiro: I'm right here.

Jackson: AHH!*throws a snowball at Hiro* you didn't hear anything!

Hiro: I just di-

Jackson: smoke bomb!*disappears in the smoke*.

Hiro: *sees Jackson running off* wow,such an awesome ninja.-_-*says with full sarcasm*.

(After going to the Philippines and San fransokyo)

Zen: should this chapter be enough?

Abby: maybe...?

Athena: what's the rush?

Zen: *looks around,whispers* I'm planning a surprise for Lia.

Kate: oh! Is it her-

Zen: yes girl.

Summer: then,we'll help!

Jackson: we'll distract Lia.

Hiro: and I know the perfect present!

Summer: you?

Hiro: no,actually,me and Lia decided that we'd be better off as just friends.

Kate: whaaaat...?!

Zen: it was her decision,and Hiro respected that.

Jackson: sorry,bud.

Hiro: don't worry,I'm starting to like someone else though.*blushes*.

Zen: you mean Vanellope?!

Hiro: *stays silent*...

Athena: ohhh! Hiro,don't hide it!*smirks*.

Jackson: she's the president of that video game,right?

Zen: yup,and where I get all my chocolate.

Lia: from me.

Zen: Ahh!

Elsa: alright,let's get it over with!*tries saying that p with her mouth closed* nope,can't do it. Oh well.

Mer: ask

Punzie: and

Hic: dare

Jelsa: away!

Alright,sorry for short chappy and for not doing the other dares. But the next one will be a surprise for you know who... I'm gonna publish it tomorrow. So don't go away! Bye!

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