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Sitting in the middle of the class. The surroundings was very solemn, some were focused on the lecturer and some were drawing, writing and doing things not related to the topic.

Then, Ms. Elsa cleared her throat and glanced at the clock.

"We have five more minutes, anywho, I want to tell all of you students that there is an upcoming acquaintance ball this upcoming friday. Everyone is required to attend and attnedance is must must. All of you must bring your dates with you."

I glanced at Lia who was beside the window and beside Hiro who was beside me.

"That's it, class dismissed!" And our lecturer went out of the classroom.

"Finally! Lunch break! I can't wait to slack around and do nothing!"

"Don't forget to eat." Hiro added. They both laughed.

"They could have been a cute couple though. Wonder why until now, they still act like friends." Jackson whispered in my ear which made me giggle in response.

"I have no idea." I shook my head and smiled at him. I grabbed my bag and swung it on my shoulder.

We went out of the cafeteria together and Jackson was oddly silent. Lia and Hiro were the only ones making noises.

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains however improbable, must be the truth." Lia quoted one of Sherlock Holmes' lines.

"So it must be the house keeper who killed her." Hiro then replied, placing his finger on his chin.

"According to his alibi, he seemed innocent. I think it's the pizza guy who did it." Lia nods. Then, out of the blue, a girl approached them.

"H-Hiro, c-can I talk t-to you?"

"Uh.." he looked back at Lia eho smiled. "Sure."

Then, Hiro and the stranger walked away.

"You seem jealous." I smirked.

"Whaaat? Pssh. Am not! Why would I?" Lia denied as she look away.

"You're blushing." Jackson grinned.

"How funny. Says the two who admitted their feelings for each other."

Now it was our turn to blush.

Lia rolled her eyes at us.

"See?" And she laugh in triumph.

"S-shut up, Lilibeth."

And her laugh got louder. We entered the cafeteria and students were busy with their business. Mostly they were chit chatting while eating.

We sat in one of the vacant seats.

"Beef jerkyson, you order."


"Okay! Jackson, order me some extra large chocolate ice cream with lots of chocolate and nutella."

"I said I-" he tried denying but I spoke.

"And I want the same too. And bring me a bottle of nutella."

"But I don-" Lia glared at him.

"Fine." He grumbled and walked to the line.

Lia smirked.

"I'm the boss."

Then Hiro entered the cafeteria. I waved at him and he approached us.

"Lia, can you read this?" Hiro handed her a piece of paper.

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