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Zen: *comes in* guess who's back! Or should I say,Front!XD

Lia: Zen! You're Front!XD

Zen: yeah,my depression is gone. And I missed Wattpad!

Athena: we missed you!

Abby: you literally made me sad,bruh. But now I'm not!

Kate: don't ever leave us again!

Zen: alright,but I will again for a good reazen.(reason).


Zen: yes,yes I am.

Summer: *comes in,sees Zen* oh Hi Zen......oh my gosh! Is it really you?!

Zen: uhm,I guess so?

Hiro: well good to see you again,Soda can.

Zen: you too,Can soda.XD

Hiro: I told you not to call me that in public!

Zen: well this isn't a public place,its a book that can be read by the public! When I publish!XD

Jackson: and here comes the puns.

Lia: ooh! I love the puns!

Zen: that's because their punny!XD

Athena: ah...our daily dose of our own Medizen(medicine).XD

Abby: hahaha!

Zen: now,time for a new saying.

"People say laughter is the best medicine,but if you laugh for no reazen,you need Medizen!XD"~Zen.

Everyone else: *applauds*.

Zen: thank you,thank you.*bows playfully* why not we do some dares?

Abby: good idea!

I dare the young 10 to act like their parents.

Jackson: okay,let me just call them.*calls the young 9* hey guys! Can you come over to the mansion...no,its not a Zen thing..Henry! No! I'm not gonna propose to her,well not yet.

Everyone else: *staring and listening to Jackson weirdly*.

Zen: uh...this is awkward.

Jackson: alright,enough! Just go here for the dare! Bye!*ends call and sees the others*...you didn't hear anything.

Young 9: *comes in* hey y'all!

Elsa: wow,you guys have grown.

Snowflake: that's cause we're all the same age,except for Jackson. He's the grandpa!XD

Jackson: whatever.-_-

Ellie: let's do the dare!

Merideth: I am Merideth,and I'll be training for ma own hand!

Merry: its just a bow!

Henry: Burritos!

Hic: that's my boy.

Daisy and Rosie: *raises their pans* who are you,and how did you find me. Jinks! Jinks again!

Christopher: Carrots are better than broccoli!

Annie: do you wanna build a snowman!

Everyone else: YES!

Ellie: are you ready?

Anna,Annie: ooh,I was born ready! Jinks! Jinks again!

Snowflake: let it go! Let it go!

Jackson: ...Dad's sexy and he knows it?

Jack: Jackson! That's private!

Elsa: -_-

Lia: let's do the next dare.

I dare the girls to have a beach party and the boys to wear bikinis when the girls come back.

Girls: Ba Bye Boys!*leaves and parties at the beach*.

Hiro: ...so,we're gonna have to wear...bikinis?

Hic: I guess so?

Boys: .....the pink one is mine!*starts to fight for the pink bikini*.

-2 hours later

Girls: we're front-!*sees the boys in their underwear still fighting over the pink bikini* boys!

Boys: *suddenly rips bikini* NO!!!

Zen: *sighs* oh well,I'll end the chapter here,bye!

Hi again guys! Who missed me?!...no one? (╥_╥). Okay never mind about that,the important thing right now is,I'm front!XD oh how I missed you all!

I finished reading All..........your nice comments. So touching!╥﹏╥

I love you all my fabulous Fabflakes! Bye!

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