Hanging in the Arena

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Zen: *trying to hit high notes* hey yeah...!!-*voice cracks* okay. Bad idea.

Jackson: what are you doing?

Zen: *sighs* I'm trying to hit some high notes,I don't know why but it feels good.

Hiro: *on the computer*.

Lia: hey Hiro,what are you doing?

Hiro: watching videos.

Lia: ...like what?

Hiro: stuff.

Lia: ...like what stuff?

Hiro: *grunts* stuff,stuff.

Lia: ...like what?

Hiro: *smirks* this.*shows Lia a video of 1D*.


Athena: *comes in with the others* we heard the nerd's name!

Abby: what's going on?

Jackson: Hiro tried to take away Lia's innocents by showing her 1D.

Hiro: that's what she gets for bothering me.

Lia: well you could've told me you were busy!*sobs*.

Zen: oh Lia,its okay.*lifts up Lia's chin making them face eachother* come on,Smile! Show me that wonderful grin of yours.^_^

Lia: *wipes away her tears and smiles* thanks,Zenith.

Zen: anytime,Lilibeth.

Summer: Zen,I found some,uh..mail in the freezer?

Kate: in the what?

Athena: why would someone put mail in the freezer?

Abby: more specifically, who?

Zen: *face palms* Lucas!

Lucas: ...yeah?

Zen: why did you put the mail in the freezer?

Lucas: I thought it'd make the dares cooler.

Lia: *face palms* punny little guy.>▽

AthenAbby: XD

Summer: just like the creator.(^~^)

Kate: exactly.

Ani: hello!

Jack: *screeches* eep!*falls off the couch* ow.

Mer: hahahahaha! Poor frostbutt.

Ani: I came for the dare I sent.

Aira: *pops out* me too!

TB5: ...who are you?

Aira: oh yeah,I'm FrozenLover68.

Elsa: oh,welcome!

Aira: thanks! Now,for the dare!

I dare the big five to have a battle. The others are gonna watch them with popcorn,sodas and GUMMY BEARS!

Punzie: battle? Like fighting and stuff?

Aira: its up to you guys on what kind of battle you'll have.

Jack: let's bottle battle! We'll whack each other with bottles!XD

Mer: no! Why not swords?

Hic: you might try and kill Jack again.-_-

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