What is going on?!

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(I'm going to do the dares that fit in with what this chapter's plot will be about,but don't worry,your dares will come soon.^_^)

Zen: *bursts through the door*.

Everyone else except Hiro: *backs away in fear*.

Hiro: *scoffs*.

Zen: *approuches Hiro while glaring* how come you aren't cowering in fear?

Hiro: who would ever be afraid of you?*raises eyebrow*.

Zen: *creates a sword out of dark ice* wanna die?

Hiro: rather than be with you? Sure,your wasting my time anyway.*says like its nothing*.

Abby: *whispers to the others* what is he doing?!

Athena: someone,stop him!*whispers back*.

Everyone else: *shakes their heads*.

Zen: what did you say?!

Hiro: nothing,just the fact that your a nobody.

Zen: *is about the stab Hiro*.

Summer,Kate: STOP!

Aira: *laughs nervously* he he,no need for that. Right?

Lia: Zen,put the sword down.

Zen: who are you to tell me what to do?!

Lia: *shrugs*.

Ani: why not we just do a dare?

Aira: yeah! Ani is right!

Zen: *scowls* fine.

Hiro: whatever.

I dare the young 10 and Zen to act all evil while the others rent a mansion and wreck it.

Zen: *smirks* easy enough. Come on kids.

Elsa: eh,be careful.

Ellie: sure mom.

Punzie: don't break the law.

Daisy,Rosie: alright.

Anna: ...steal some chocolate.

Kristoff: and carrots.

Annie,Christopher: will do!

Mer: break everything!

Hic: *face palms*.

Haddockids: yes!

Jack: *knocks on Jackson's room* hey,wanna do your dare.

Jackson: just leave me alone,dad.

Jack: alright.


Zen: *makes a snowstorm with ice lighting* Mwahahahaha!

People: AAAHHHHHH!!!!

Bjorman kids: *steals as much chocolate and carrots as they can* whoohoo!

Haddockids: *whacking a mail box* die! Die! DIE!

Fitzerbert twins: *spray painting the walls* This is awesome!

Frost girls: *sledding on the icy road* Wahoo!

#rented mansion

Athena,Abby: *smirks at each other and burns the mansion*.

Jack: oh come on! We didn't get a chance to wreck it!

Athena,Abby: want us to throw you in there?

Jack: ...never mind.

AHiro,Tadashi: *watches Athena and Abby walk out from the mansion with an explosion* so...hot.

Summer: love struck.*snickers*.

Kate: wanna push them off a cliff?

Aira,Ani,Summer,Athena,Abby: yes!*pushes AHirodashi off a cliff without them noticing*.

AHirodashi: AAHHHH!!!!*falls in a jacuzzi* oh,cool.

Hiro: *rolls eyes*.

Lia: don't be so uptight.

Hiro: I'm not. Its how I am now.


*Everyone finishes doing what their doing*

Zen: ah...that evil outbreak felt good.

Lucas: you have another dare.

Zen: what?

I dare Zen to kiss Hiro in the cheek no backing out! NO BACKING OUT! P.S Zen,make Lia jelly.

Zen: O_o...

Hiro: wha?! No way!

Zen: no.

Kate: it says no backing out.

Lia: you also said that You NEVER back down from a dare.

Zen: pfft,you're jealous aren't you?

Lia: n-no!

Hiro: you hesitated.*smirks* you miss me.

Lia: ugh,no I don't.*crosses arms*.

Zen: still,not gonna do it. That was the old me.

Hiro: *slyly smirks and goes behind Zen* hey Zen.

Zen: *turns around making her kiss Hiro's cheek* THE FUDGE BRUH!

Hiro: Hahaha! You jealous Lia?!

Lia: why would I be?

Hiro: oh nothing,I'm guessing you won't mind if I do this.*leans over to Zen*.

Zen: ...*slaps Hiro across the face* you weirdo!

Hiro: ow! Sorry!

Zen: you better be.(-_-)ノ

XD I keep laughing when I wrote this,its hard for me to act all sassy. Well,there you guys go!^_^ comment what you think about this chapter. Don't forget to vote! Bye!

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