The meaning of Love

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Jackson: Zeeeeeeen! Notice me Zenpie!

Elsa: *pats Jackson's shoulder* relax, sweetie.

Jackson: b-but...she's been avoiding me.

Lia: that's cause she FINALLY developed a crush on someone! Like, for real this time! Levi Miller to be exact.

Kate: Leafy Windmill-what?

Lia: Levi Zane Miller. His first name pronounced as Leev-eye.

Summer: woah, wait. That kid that starred in that movie Pan?

Punzie: is that a movie about frying pans?

Abby: no, its basically another story about Peter pan, but a different plot.

Athena: waaaaaaaaiiiit, did Lia say 'crush'?

Lia: yep.

Co authors: Oh mah gosh!!!*squeals*.

Jack: that kid that never grows up?

Hic: yeah.

Mer: Oooh...where is the lass?

(Everyone hears sniffling from another room)

Lia: ...*calls Javed* alright bruh, what happened?.....*sighs* no wonder...yeah, she's sobbing in her room...okay..bye.

Jackson: what'd he say?

Lia: he said Zen realized that she and Levi can never be together and it hurts her since its her first time having a liking on someone and she really fell for him. Hard.

Zen: *comes out wiping tears away* I Lev him!

Athena: awe, no, don't cry, Zenypie.

Zen: I can't! My heart is pathetic for making me feel this way for a boy!

Abby: sh...its alright. You'll get over it.

Kate: please don't cry.

Zen: *sniffs* Hiro...dare...go.

Hiro: *smiles faintly* okay.

#Dunno? A garden or something like, romantic like that? Whatever.

Punzie: *takes Lia's blind fold off* enjoy!*runs off*.

Lia: *grumbles before finally seeing Hiro and the surroundings* Hamsoda...what's all this?

Hiro: its a dare, so don't get mad.

Lia: *sighs* fine.

Hic: *comes out wearing a butler outfit and serves Hilia their food* viola.

Lia: *gasps* chocolate gummy bears and a little chocolate fountain dip bowl.

Hiro: *shrugs while smiling*.

#In the wilderness

Jack: *tweeting random stuff on twitter*.

Elsa: *retweeting Jack's random tweets*.

Ellie: *likes Jack's random tweets*.

Snowflake: *sharing Jack's random tweets*.

Jackson: *reporting Jack's tweets for no reason*.

Jack: Jackson! Why?!

Jackson: they make no sense!

Jack: excuse me?

Jackson: dad, tweeting 'tweet tweet' is not how you use twitter.-_-


Zen: *hugging a pillow to her chest* I Lev him...

Athena: *has an idea* I know, why not we do our part of the dare and party! 1D music on replay, how's that sound?

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