Dino-gator chase!

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Jackson: *poking Zen's cheek* psst...Zen.

Zen: *sighs* for the last time,what?

Jackson: ...stop watching that History channel.

Zen: why?

Lia: its boring!

Zen: ...wait,why am I watching this?

Hiro,AHiro: *face palms*.

Abby: does she keep forgetting stuff?

Lia: yup,this happens a lot. Puberty is hirobleh!

Zen: *pinches Jackson's cheek* kawaii!

Jackson: *grunts* no,not the cheeks!

Tadashi: *giving Athena a piggy back ride* ugh...come on Athena! Let me rest!

Athena: nope.

Tadashi: *collapses on the floor* ergh! That was a bad idea...

Athena: *skips to the others* what's down!

Zen: people.*giggles*.

Jackson: oh you.*pokes Zen's cheeks again*.

Zen: hahaha,buddy poke!*tackles Jackson down* gotcha!

Jackson: *goes on top* I gotcha now.

Zen: *smirks then goes on top of Jackson pinning him down* no,I still got ya.

Mer: Tackle the prey girls!*tackles Hic*.

Hic: My burritos! Ugh!

Mer: *eats a burrito and gives Hic* here ya go.

Hic: *takes a bite* mm...

Hiro,AHiro: *panicks* no! Don't-! Ugh!*gets tacked down by Abby and Lia*.

Elsa: Frosty!*falls on Jack on the couch*.

Jack: ugh. Come on!

Elsa: *shoves chocolate in his mouth* happy?

Jack: *swallows chocolate* very.

Tadashi: *looks at Athena* please. Don't.

Athena: who said I will?

Tadashi: ...you?

Athena: you're right!*tackles Tadashi*.

Tadashi: oof!

Christy: *comes in* hey guys!

Girls: Hi Christy!

Christy: did you know Lucas is taming a giant Dino-gator outside?

Zen: *gasps* what?! Without me?!*flies outside* Lucas!

Lucas: Zen! Help me! Its for a dare!

Jackson: *goes outside with the others* woah.

Punzie: don't worry Loki-!

Lucas: its Lucas!

Punzie: uh Yeah! We'll help!

Zen: first we gotta get it inside the mansion,for the dare!

I dare everyone except TB5 to borrow my Dino-gator and chase Jack around the mansion.

Jack: oh Frost, no!

Lucas: *accidentally let's go of the Dino-gator's chain* oops...

Jack: AAHHHHH!!!*goes inside the mansion flying away from the Dino-gator*.

Jackson: *puts an arm around Zen* you think he'll be fine?

Zen: probably.*cuddles into Jackson's embrace*.





girls: *laughs*.

Lia: gummy bears?*gives Hiro a packet*.

Hiro: don't mind if I do.

-15 minutes later of returning the Dino-gator and cleaning up the mansion.

Jack: *has a scratch on his arm* you people really hate me...-_-

Punzie: *quickly heals Jack* phew. Good thing Zen didn't see the red stuff.

Hic: where is she anyway?

Summer: outside hanging out with Jackson.

Christy: let's end it here.

Big 5: Ak and Dare away!

Jackzen: *pops out* Bye!

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