My advise for YOU.

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Zen: hey bro,I'm sorry for acting so weird lately,I guess I was moody and depressed to much I got carried away with being,well,not myself.

Hiro: its okay,I'm sorry too for trying to get on your nerves with my...idiotic,pathetic and stupidly stupid self.

Zen: *remembers something*...its fine. It wasn't your fault anyway. Cause I'm the one who is the idiotic, pathetic and stupidly stupid one here!*tears up* nobody understands me! Why should they assume things that they don't know yet and accuse you for being what they think you are instead of getting to know you for you!

(I'm hurting when I'm writing this. Its just what I feel when I was making this chapter,and sharing my feelings with you guys helps me to calm down. I hope you guys don't mind.(╥_╥) its just too hard for me right now to conceal it.)

Jackson: don't say that,its not true.

Zen: what do you know,huh?! All I ever wanted was to be happy for once without anything going wrong! But I guess the universe doesn't want me to.

Readers,if somebody ever tells you that your living your life wrong,never listen to them! They just don't know how things for you is going and think they can be a better you. Well they aren't you! So they don't have a right to tell you how to live your own life!

Listen guys,people are different in their own ways,so I'm not positive others can understand how you feel,they just don't have the time to get to know you better and try to understand how you feel living in your own life with problems they'll never understand cause they aren't you.

But remember this,if ever someone does this to you,always know you are never alone,lots of people experience this kind of stuff and end up killing themselves cause they couldn't handle being hated by the world.

(Here comes another Zen quote. I don't know if its already been made,but here it is anyway)

"You can't change me,you only have to understand me to know why I'm who I am and why I'm like this."~Zen.

Never be afraid to be yourself,cause you were born for a reason and why you are who you are. Finding your purpose in the world will answer why,all you need is to have patience,hope and yourself.

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