Dares with Puns!

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Zen: okay,so me and the gang are going to try and do all your dares as fast as we can,cause I'm already starting my you what I mean chapter.*squeals in happiness*.

Lia: but you didn't even invite anyone?

Zen: ...your right...Anyone of you readers wanna come to my you know what I mean chapter?! Comment here please →.

Amoy: *sets timer* ready?

Everyone else: YAS!

Amoy: GO!

DATS: *sends everyone their dares*.

(I'll just put the dares in Italics so you know what they are)

1. I dare Jack and Hic to stay with the fangirls as long as Zen wants,and the rest can do anything they want.

Athena: we'll do our dares! If we have any!

*5 seconds later*

Zen: okay boys! Times up!

HiJack: *escape from fangirl room*.

Lia: come on! On to the next dare!

2. I dare old winter man to jump in Zen's army of puppies,and when Zen's sees him she has to call wolves to bite him and freeze his butt.

Jack: For Liberty!*jumps in the puppy army and gets tackled by them* Ahhh!!! Their worse than wolves!

Zen: what did you say about the cuties?!*howls like a wolf summoning a pack of wolves attacking Jack*.

Jack: No!No! I take it back! Ahhh!!!

3. I dare everyone to go to Whistler Canada and ski there and also sky dive.

#Whistler Canada

*everyone is skiing down the tallest hill and have parachutes on*

Abby: get ready to release the parachutes!

Kayla: in 3!

Kate: 2!

Ciera: 1!

Summer: release!

*everyone releases their parachutes when they get to the edge of the hill*

Eugene: *gets his parachute tangled up(pun intended)* AHHHHH!!!!*gets caught by Punzie and they land on the ground safely* thanks honey.

Punzie: no problem.

4. I dare everyone to do 72 hours in heaven in the amazon and for Jelsa to stay in a cute little cottage in the forest for a few days. Also for Hic to be stuck in a very small room with diehard fans for a week.


*the couples are all up giant trees and are doing whatever they want,while the others are killing a dear*

Abby: oh dear.*making dear puns with the others with a dead dear they found*.

Summer: its a dead dear!

Kate: hahaha! Okay my turn,this is my speech.*clears throat* dear,Mr dear,I am dearly sorry for your death,may you rest in peace,and we'll be forever in your dearest debt...That didn't make any sense!XD

*the others go to an opening and see the ocean*

Ciera: hey girls?

Others except Ciera: what?

Ciera: *points to the ocean* do you sea what I sea?

Others except Ciera: We shore do!

*they all crack up*

Kayla: do you think the others are done with their dare?

Amoy: I'm not shore.XD

Summer: *burried her body in the sand* what is up with us and puns these days?(´∀') I don't undersand!

The others: Hahahaha!!!XD*laughs and jumps in the water*.

Zen: *pops out* hey girls!

Amoy: oh hi Zen! Water you doing here?XD

Zen: just came here to tell you we're gonna go and finish the dares,are you guys coming or what?

Kate: yeah we're coming.

Kayla: don't you dear leave without us.

Zen: uhm,you guys do realize that was an antelope,right?

Girls except Zen: oh.........Dear!Hahahahaha!!!XD

Zen: yup,these are my people.(^~^)


Jack: I never want to be in a cottage in a forest,AGAIN!

Kristoff: what's wrong with him?

Elsa: he got tackled down by barrels.

Jack: evil barrels!

Mer: how about you Hic?

Hic: I'm fine. Lost nearly all my clothing I had on,but fine.

5. I dare everyone to cook their speciality.

*after messing up the kitchen they all finished making a chocolate cake*

Athena: that took awhile to make.

Angel: *whispers something to Zen*.

Zen: okay.*taps Jackson's shoulder* hey Jackson?

Jackson: yeah?

Zen: we're over.(I don't know why,but I felt hurt when I wrote this part).

Jackson: what?

Zen: I...no! I can't.

Angel: its okay. You don't have to do it.

Zen: *hugs Jackson* I have no idea what's coming over me,but I do know that I don't wanna hurt you.

Jackson: ...hormones?

Zen: uh huh.

Lia: let's end this chap.

Kate,Abby,Amoy,Kayla,Ciera,Summer: Ask and Dear Away!XD

Hope you like the punny chapter!

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