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So I wanted to tell you guys tomorrow but I realized I might not have enough time. And I legitimately forgot to mention it in my recent chapter.-_- damn I'm forgetful.

But yeah.

I'm here to tell you guys that I'll be on vacation somewhere I don't wanna mention cause I'm too lazy.
(-_-') and I'm not gonna have much WiFi connection cause me and my fam will be traveling for 3/4 days and we won't stop(cause we're taking our car) unless for food or to rest. So yeah. I'll be back in 3 weeks. Better to say 1 month but yeah.

Hope you guys enjoy yourselves while I'm gone, please don't get bored. Why not try and surprise me with lots of comments when I get back? I enjoy your comments so much if I had to choose between votes and comments I'll always pick comments cause its a way for the author and readers to communicate. :)

This is your fabtastic fabflake Zenpie saying goodbye! For now. ;)

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