Monopoly with a twist

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Zen: hey peeps! We got a dare!

1. I dare everyone to play monopoly,who ever looses in the process will get thrown into a deeeeep pit that will take up to 10 hours to get to the bottom which has a trampoline that will make them get back to the surface which takes 10 hours also.

Jake: I'm with my dare!

Punzie: but we don't know how to play it.

Zen: I can take care of that.*smirks*.

Jack: that smirk means bad news.

Lia: so how are we gonna play?

Zen: watch and learn.

#game room(everything is already set for the dare).

Hic: okay,so what now?

Zen: *winks at the girls* in 3,2,1!*pushes Jackson in the pit*.

Jackson: Zen!

Elsa: *pushes Jack in* sorry,Frosty!

Jack: this is so unfair!

Hic: I think I'm gonna be the shoe..or maybe the car. No wait,I'll be the cat!

Mer: how about neither!*pushes Hic in*.

Athena: no one is even loosing,but whatever. Bye Hamsy!*pushes Hans in*.

Hans: Athena!

Abby: wait,so who's the winner?

Zen: since we don't know how to play,I think its fair that Jake wins...cause its his dare after all...bye Jake!*pushes Jake in*.

Jake: Noooo!

Zen: your ice cream trophy will be at the bottom!

Jake: oh alright!

-10 hours later

Jake: *finally makes it to the bottom* where's my ice cream?!

Jackson: *finishes eating ice cream* oh...sorry.

Jake: oh come on! Its not like another ice cream trophy will unexpectedly fall out of the sky!

*ice cream suddenly falls from the surface*

Jake: ...never mind!*eats ice cream*.

Jack: well I'm getting out of here.*jumps up and down making the trampoline bouce them back to surface*.

- another boring 10 hours later

*they finally reach the surface*

Hic: finally!

Zen: *jolts awake* I wasn't sleeping!

Summer: *sleeping with her pandas*...

Kate: *asleep while listening to Taylor Swift*...

Lia: hey Hiro?...cansoda hey.*poking Hiro who's asleep*.

Hiro: *murmurs* no more lollipops.

Athena: let's do the next dare.

2. I dare the girls to leave the boys and pretend to have a vacation for 1 week but come back after a month.

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