Big Five Comic #2

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This chapter takes place the same night from the last chapter.

Zen: *about to go out the chocolate shop she was in*.

Jackson: wait!

Zen: *turns* what? Woah Jackson,did you follow me?

Jackson: yes and you can't go out there.

Zen: and why not?

Jackson: b-because...uh...

*music starts playing*

Zen: *confused* where did the music come from? What's happening?

Jackson: I don't know,but its giving me the urge to...

#Elsa its cold outside,see it in the media(also I changed the lyrics a bit) just imagine me and Jackson doing what their doing.

Zen: I really can't stay

Jackson: but Iceflake its cold outside

Zen: *stands up* I've got to go away

Jackson: *holds her hand* but Iceflake its cold outside

Zen: *removes Jackson's hands from hers* this evening has been,so very nice

Jackson: please hold my hands their just like ice

Zen: my puppy will start to worry

Jackson: Summer's there to keep her company

Zen: and Lia will be pacing the floors

Jackson: Hiro can keep her warm

Zen: *about to open door* so really I better scurry

Jackson: wait Iceflake please don't hurry*freezes door*.

Zen: or maybe just a few cocos more

Jackson: I'll put marshmallows on while I pour

Zen: I ought to conceal

Jackson: Iceflake just let it go*creates snowflakes in his palm*.

Zen: the way that I feel

Jackson: just sit down and let it go

Zen: but I don't know how

Jackson: your eyes are like starlight now

Zen: to brake this spell

Jackson: *attempts to grab Zen's hands* give me your hands,they need some warmth

Zen: *snatches hands away* I ought to say no no no sir

Jackson: mind if I move in closer*closes next to Zen*.

Zen: at least I can say that I tried

Jackson: what's the sense in hurting my pride

Zen: I really can't stay

Jackson: Iceflake don't go now

Jackzen: oh but its cold outside...

-End of Musical

Zen: that was a pretty weird musical break out.

Jackson: I know,at least I got to do this in the end.

Zen: what-?*gets cut off by Jackson kissing her*.

Athena: *hiding in the counter of the chocolate shop* Guys! You have got to see this!*sends the girls the video she recorded of Jackzen*.

Lia: ooh!

Abby: isn't that sweet!

Kate: *eating some chocolates* it sure is.

Summer: oh well,Ask and Dare Us! Bye!

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