Beware His Frozen Heart by ReyZel616
Beware His Frozen Heartby Reyna
Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought...
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The Lost Queen(Hiccelsa) by QueenElsa_ofsnow02
The Lost Queen(Hiccelsa)by FT_HP_BIG5_02
COMPLETED Elsa and Anna lived happily at Arrandelle. One day, they were invited at Corona for their cousin, Rapunzel's wedding. Unfortunately, they never made into Coron...
  • fanfic
  • hiccelsa
  • valka
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Love And War | Hiccelsa Fanfic by princess-reject
Love And War | Hiccelsa Fanficby ry
A year after the Kingdom of Arendel rejoiced, a squadron of dragonriders and a fleet of ships arrive in hopes of becoming allies in an upcoming war against opposed kingd...
  • youngadult
  • disney
  • howtotrainyourdragon
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Ice Cold (A Jelsa Fanfic) by LostAtSeaWithAPencil
Ice Cold (A Jelsa Fanfic)by Rachel Durden
When Elsa was young she had an imaginary friend named Jack Frost, until one day he disappeared without explanation. Then, three years later, he returned. Cover photo cr...
  • riseoftheguardians
  • elsa
  • frozen
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Spirit School by Flaming-Darkness
Spirit Schoolby Luna
So the Drama After getting shoved in a sack and through a portal, Jack Frost arrives in the best of the best school for heroes--Spirit School. Being the new guy, Jack m...
  • merida
  • jack
  • rapunzel
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Unconditionally || Helsa by Cate_Westergard
Unconditionally || Helsaby Catherine Westergard
After several months have passed; a letter from the Southern Isles arrived in Arendelle for Elsa that immediately states her presence there. "When the Southern Isl...
  • princehans
  • annaxkristoff
  • frozen
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(Jelsa) UNEXPECTED  by Hastinas
(Jelsa) UNEXPECTED by Hayat
This story starts from the messed up family life Elsa has. Elsa agrees to marry Jack so that David(Jacks brother) company and Elsas brothers company works together. But...
  • anna
  • hiccuphaddock
  • fanfiction
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His Highness by Arisa_Nightingale
His Highnessby Arisa Nightingale
Even princesses can be princes to, and villians can have a shot at romance. (Reader x Genderbent!Princesses) and yes, that includes villains too. *Just a small notice...
  • readerxcharacter
  • esmerelda
  • elsa
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Oh My Disney by Dean_Alison
Oh My Disneyby Genevieve Elle Krass
Disney Images. Please No Hate
  • frozen
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Rejected by the Alpha (Jelsa) (Completed) by AlphaStilinski13
Rejected by the Alpha (Jelsa) (Com...by Alpha Vampira Stilinski
Elsa Snow is a outcast and she is abused in her pack the only people who cared for her were her sisters Anna, Rapunzel and Merida. But being rejected was the last straw...
  • werewolf
  • elsa
  • mates
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Elicia's ice-A Descendants Novel by KOTLCfannumber1
Elicia's ice-A Descendants Novelby Inconceivable!
All Elicia, daughter of Queen Elsa, ever wanted was to fit in and make friends at Auradon prep. But when the four kids from the Isle of the Lost show up, and her powers...
  • disney
  • isleofthelost
  • vks
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That Night in Paris by GayShipQueen
That Night in Parisby Senna Jane
Audrey Lyn Mallard, daughter of Colette and Kent Mallard, the owners of Mallard and Morgan Companies. She's one of Paris's most famous fashion designers. At age twenty t...
  • hate
  • pregnancy
  • love
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rotbtfd by UsuiKillua
rotbtfdby Usui Killua
this is a story were the characters watch movies their movies. you will read jack and merida fight over elsa caise she is ao cute and adorable. (i will trie to redo it...
  • merida
  • kristoff
  • frozen
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Genderbend Disney Princesses One-shots by AndriannaG
Genderbend Disney Princesses One-s...by AndriannaG
As the title says, this book contains one- shots with the genderbent version of our favorite princesses! More details inside!!
  • genderbend
  • anna
  • princess
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Her Weakness✔ by -periwinkles-
Her Weakness✔by Perri
{Book 2 of the Weakness Trilogy} "Have I mentioned today how lucky I am to be in love with you?" "No, but I'll be sure to remind you in an hour." ~ O...
  • snowwhite
  • pan
  • magic
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Scarlett Queen / ever after high and frozen / completed / #EAHWattyAwards2017 by baileyhalifax
Scarlett Queen / ever after high a...by bailey
2017 EAH Watty Award Winner! Scarlett Queen. The daughter of the Queen every girl in the world wants to be. Scarlett needs to follow her destiny as her mother, Queen Els...
  • eahwattyawards2017
  • scarlettqueen
  • frozen
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His slave by Frozenheart10947
His slaveby Stay close to me
Elsa's family is poor so her mom and dad sold her to a place where all the slaves go. Jack Frost is the youngest billionaire there is.He have a company and he owns some...
  • slave
  • tangled
  • rotg
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American Horror Story Preferences / Imagines by JadeLizAllen
American Horror Story Preferences...by Jade 💕
Requests - Open Preferences are basically the whole book with random imagines thrown in once and a while. (New Version of the original!)
  • americanhorrorstory
  • elsa
  • paul
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The Fallen Angel; Jelsa Fanfic by jelsa-cruiseship
The Fallen Angel; Jelsa Fanficby plus ultra bitch
Elsa is an angel and she keeps causing trouble in heaven. The Angel Council decides not to tolerate her behavior anymore and they banish her into hell where she has to...
  • jelsa
  • elsa
  • rotg
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Frozen Twilight Book One: Unique ||Completed|| by pandalover_135gh
Frozen Twilight Book One: Unique |...by Elizabeth
Elsaira was left on the doorstep of the Cullen's in the year of 1983. Her father left her and disappeared without a trace. He did leave something though...a note. Manny...
  • fantasy
  • elsa
  • twilight
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