World peace and dubsmashing

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Zen: I don't wanna write the dares,I'll just say them. But hey,double update!

Lia: okay,dare time!

Zen: let's see,Hic has to run around the mansion naked holding a sign saying 'World Peace' and shouting it.

Hic: what if I don't?

Zen: you gotta play fnaf 4 for ten hours.

Hic: ...what if I don't?

Zen: everyone has to kick you in the balls.

Hic: the things I do for the readers.-_-

Athena: everyone got their eye masks on?

Everyone else: yup!

Athena: okay,Hic. Go!

Hic: *is naked but we censored his privates with a leaf* WORLD PEACE! WORLD PEACE! WORLD PEACE!

-after world peace

Hic: *still naked* I think I got some abs from all that running.

Kate: there's still no peace in the world.-_-

Zen: next we have,a dare for the big 8 to make out with their partners for 12 hours in a room.

Jelsa: okay!

Merida: ...put some clothes on first.

Hic: fine.

Eugenzel: bye guys!

Kristanna: *dashes out*.

-after a steamy 12 hours

Hic: *covered in lipstick* such a woman.

Ding ding!

Zen: ooh,that must be our guest.

Lia: who?

Zen: Alden Richards!

Alden: hello!

Lia: *gasps* oh my gosh!

Alden: I'm guessing you're an Aldub fan?

Lia: yas!

Zen: okay,so we were dared to watch any Aldub episode then the couples will act it out,then let's just do some dubsmashing.

Jack: dubsmash?!*grabs phone* I'm on it!

Kate: ...he dubsmashes?

Elsa: *sighs* he took a video of himself in the mirror at 1 in the morning dubsmashing to let it go.-_-

Summer: *facepalms*.

-After watching and acting out scenes I can't describe

Hic,Eugene,Jack: *busy dubsmashing shirtless in front of a mirror to Twerk it like Miley*.

Alden: *looks at them strangely* weird...

Hiro: I have a guest too!*brings in Joshua*.

Joshua: Raindrop!

Lia: *gasps* you!

Hiro: as you requested,Lia.*smirks*.

Lia: *blushes* whatever.

Abby: oh Zen!*says in a sing song voice*.

Zen: yeah?

Athena: you have a question.

Lia: *ignores Hiro's teasing* it says; what's your full/real name?

Zen: u-uh...

Lia: you can't back out,or else Jackson has to kiss you.

Zen: that's fi-

Lia: for an hour.

Zen: well...*sighs* fine,I was planning on telling everyone anyway,so uh,my real name is Edzelyn. Its not your average everyday name,but its mine,and its unique. I love it,and I'm thankful for my parents who gave it to me.*smiles widely*.

Everyone else: awe....

Jackson: *pokes Zen's dimples* boop!

Zen: *gasps,playfully glares at him* you did not just-!

Jackson: *pokes them again*.

Zen: *tackles Jackson* meow!

Hiro: wild cat!

Zen: *accidentally tackles camera instead of Hiro* ragh-oh whoops!


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