Big Five Comic #4/Hating Shows and making a movie

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DATS: Is everybody ready to hear their dares?

Jack: NO!

Amoy: too bad,cause I dare the big and young 9 to watch 9 hours of Barney,Dora and Ni hao Kai lan.

Jackson: it says young 9 that means I'm not apart of it.

Ellie: what? No way big brother your so unfair!

Jackson: who's to blame that I'm the eldest.

Henry: Me and Christopher are the same age as you!

Jackson: my dad is the oldest one in the group and so is my mom,there for since guardians don't age but do age fast I am logically the eldest.

Henry,Christopher: (◎_◎;)

Merideth: where did that come from?

Jackson: from me of course,little red.

Merideth: oh you did not. Just go there!

Jackson: I just did.

Merideth: Ragh!*chases Jackson*.

Jackson: oh fudge!*flies off*.

Zen: be careful!

Jackson: I will!

Zen: not you,I meant be careful with Merideth,she's still a girl you know!

Jackson: so much for support from my girlfriend. ( -。-)

Zen: I'm kidding!XD

*the big 8 and young 9 watch Barney,Dora and Ni hao Kai lan*

Mer: that was terrible!

Abby: the next one isn't so bad.

Athena: what is it?

Kate: *reads dare card* we have to make our ideal movie and watch.

Reg: sounds easy enough.

-15 minutes later -_-

*after cleaning up their mess,put out a fire,and drain all the water out. They watch their movie*

'The big 8 adventures with puppy love,bunny heart,panda girl,Swifty,awkwardness,wisdom,and fire elementals'(they couldn't decide on a cool short name so they made one long one up)


Zen: I am puppy love! With my awesome besties,here to take over your world!

Lia: also to steal your chocolates!


Jack: *in his mind* Elsa looks hot in that empress dress.

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