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Zen: *bursts in* I'm back peeps!

Lia: *bored face* geez, you've been gone for like a month.

Zen: yeah...sorry about that guys. But I'm back now and want to do the dares.

Jackson: *comes out of his room* Zen?

Zen: *turns around* oh

Athena: you?

Zen: oh uh, uhm...Johnson, right?

Jackson: *gapes at Zen* you forgot my own name?!

Zen: n-no I didn't!*whispers to Abby* what's his name again?

Abby: *face palms* Its Jackson.

Zen: your name is Its Jackson!

Jackson: its JUST Jackson!

Zen: alright! Whatever you say Just Jackson. On to the dares!

Jackson: -_-'

#Game Room

Kate: hello people of the world! I'm your host, Kate the Swiftie, and you're watching-...*points to crowd*.

Crowd: Doom by Prunes!

Kate: yep, this game is where our five contestants will have to eat as many prunes as they can, last one eating gets 1,000,000 dollars and a room full of chocolate. Who do you think will win? Will it be; The sass queen?

Elsa: *waves at everyone* hello lovely peeps!

Kate: Fierce Archer.

Mer: aye, I didn't wanna join ya know.-_-

Kate: Frying Punzie.

Punzie: hi! Hi everyone!

Boy from the crowd: I want to strangle myself with your flawless long blonde hair!

Punzie: uh...O_O

Kate: Hicster.

Hic: wassup mah peeps?!

Crowd: the sky!

Hic: (-_-)

Kate: or the all too classic, Frostbutt.

Jack: I don't even wanna be here!

Mer: so do I!

Jack: I hate prunes!

Kate: well your doing it anyway.

-5 minutes later

Jack: blah! I can't eat anymore!

Athena: you haven't even eaten the whole thing yet!

Kate: looks like the winner is...Frying Punzie!

Punzie: yay!

Same boy from the crowd: oh my god! I love you Rapunzel! Hit me with your great frying pan and kill me please! It would be such an honor!


Zen: oh Jack!

Jack: yeah,wut?

Zen: I found your sister from another account.(^~^) here's Victoria!

Victoria: hey hey big bro!*looks like Jack but has white trousers on, ice blue T-shirt, and ice blue tips from the tips of her hair*.

Jack: woah, I have a lot of sisters from different accounts.

Lia: yep.

Zen: and also, Lia?

Lia: yeah?

Zen: here's your twin best friend!('∀')*sends in IcyLory or Lory for short*.

(Sorry girl if I forgot your name.)

Lory: hey twinsy!

Lia: hey twinsy!

Lory: wanna let these peeps do what we want? Cause my dare is for them to be OUR servants for 3 chapters.

Lia: oh my god, I love you so much! Oh,and where's Henry?

Lory: my bf? He's right...*searches room* there he is!

Henry: *eating gummy bears* hi babe!

Lory: *face palms*.

-After a lot of serving Lory and Lia like empresses.

Lory,Lia: Dance harder Jesters!

Jack,Hic,Hiro,Jackson: but we're tired!

Lory: no excuses!

Jack: sis! Help me!

Victoria: nope, no can do bro. Empress Lory and Lia forbids it.

Jack: then stop video recording us!

Victoria: nah, orders are orders!XD

Zen: that's enough dares for now,bye guys!


Okay, so I've been thinking things through and decided that...I'll be ending this book. I'm sorry to break it to you guys like this but I can't keep doing this anymore. My mind tells me to stop but my heart is saying don't. I went with my mind on this decision,so yes. Not sure when I'll be ending this book though?

Well at least you know now so I don't shock you when I suddenly stop updating.

Lots of Chocolate, hugs and Jelsa! Bye!

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