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Zen: guess who the fudge this is?!

Jackson: Zen?

Zen: no. It's Zen! XD yay! HIIII PEOPLE!!!

Jackson: ......why are we the only two here?

Zen: because I just came to check on my lovely readers. Ooh! And I bet ya the next chapter is gonna be awesome! Even tho I didn't read it yet. I had the power to do so, but I didn't. I want it to be a surprise for you guys and I as well. XD

Jackson: ...yeah, but why me?

Zen: because I love you...

Jackson: you're joking, aren't you?

Zen: would I joke about my love for my FIRST ever love of my life who doesn't exist?

Jackson: ...yeah?

Zen: oh Jackson.( ̄~ ̄;)

Jackson: so you actually miss ME?

Zen: well, yeah. You AND the readers.

Jackson: see, you don't love me.

Zen: I didn't say that! Be thankful we're having a Jen moment while the actual Zen is writing this.

Jackson: ...okay.*pecks Zen on the lips* I missed you my lovely Iceflake.

Zen: *hugs Jackson* and I missed you my cool Frostcicle.


Zen: LIA!(・∀・)

Jackson: -_-' ruined the moment.

Lia: hey! Shut yo mouth beef jerkyson.

Jackson: whatever!

Zen: shouldn't make this long now. Well, Hello again guys! It's so nice to be back even just for a few minutes. Anyway I'll still be here, but in another account.

Lia: Zenpai in disguise.

Zen: yup. That's me.XD stay tuned for the next chapter! I can't wait for what's in store for us from Crystal. Take all the time you need, love.


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