Awkward Celebs

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(Pic above is made by me,hope you guys like it!(^~^)

Zen: *walks in listening to music*.

Hiro: hi Zen!

Zen: *passes by Hiro*.

Hiro: alright...

Jackson: Zen,hey!

Zen: *flips her hair to the music* Best song ever!

Jack: oh no,she's got the 1D disease!

Elsa: what's wrong with liking 1D?

Punzie: yeah,their just cute guys with awesome music.

Mer: he's just jealous cause he doesn't have abs.*snickers*.

Hic:'ve seen 1D shirtless?

PunzElsaMer: *points to Zen* she started it.

Zen: *takes off headphones* what?

Jackson: you're looking up pics of 1D topless?!

Zen: wasn't mez fault! I was just searching for funny pics of them and then suddenly topless pics of them came up...(●__●)

Abby: *burns AHiro's hoodie*.

AHiro: woah! Hey!*takes off his hoodie and shirt* what was that for?

Abby: *looks at AHiro topless and blushes* er...nothing.

AHiro: oh,of course you can stare at my abs.*smirks*.

Zen: you mean,well sustained flat stomach with muscles.XD

Abby: exactly!

Athena: how about you Tadashi? Got any abs?


Athena: liar! I've seen many pics of you topless on Instagram posing with your cap.

Tadashi: I love my cap!...and you.

Summer: ooh!

Kate: hey Tadashi,which would you pick,your cap or Athena?

Tadashi: uh...Athena wearing my cap?

Athena: *wears Tadashi's cap* there.

Tadashi: that's better.

Ding dong!

Zen: ooh! Who's there?

???: *bursts through the door like a boss* VAS' HAPPENIN'?!

Everyone except Zen: uh...who's he?

Zen: guys,meet Javed or Jawaad or whatever he wants to be called. He's my classmate in school,we're both Directioners.

Javed: *has dirty blonde hair(not really)* I have a dare also!

Zen: please don't say it involves weird stuff?


Kayla: *comes through the ceiling* I'm back!

Javed: woah! Who is she?

Zen: that's Kayla,and these girls are Athena,Abby,Summer and Kate,a swifty.

Javed: *does a stunt from TW's bad blood with a chair* whoo!*falls off chair* ow!-I mean,pssh. That didn't hurt.

Kate: Tay Swift is may home girl!

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