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Xiao Yan covered his nose and stood in silence. His face was dimmed to the point where no one could tell what his expression was like. 

Li Yu Yan caught sight of Xiao Yan's frozen and mindless posture. She immediately smiled for she was going to use him against Han Qin Xi and that damn guy who came from nowhere. She could feel that Xiao Yan was special. And from looking at him, she could tell that his clothes and weapon was all of high quality. Thus, she concluded that Xiao Yan must be strong. 

The people who were already under the control of Li Yu Yan were commanded to move and attack Chu Feng for she was the target and not Lan Jing. However, since Lan Jing was next to Chu Feng and was protecting her, he was attacked by the mindless mob too. 

Li Yu Yan smiled widely. She praised herself for being such a strong and smart person. It was all thanks to her great great grandmother that she shall not be looked down upon.This will be a lesson for that woman.

Chu Feng was stuck in thoughts. What should she do? No, what can she do? Against the powered up female lead, can she do anything? Aiya, death it is.

"Chu Feng, why coward?" Han Qin Xi spoke up suddenly, making Chu Feng's heart drop for a second. Her voice was soft and appealing.

"Don't just suddenly speak up!" Chu Feng replied while taking a breather. Han Qin Xi had never spoke up to her first unless it was in dreams. Never have it ever was it like this where Han Qin Xi would decide to reach out to her first. Maybe she was dreaming.

"Why can't I?" Han Qin Xi questioned. All she was doing was try to help her (CF) so why was she (CF) not happy? Han Qin Xi continued, "There's nothing to hide. Remember, you may be in my body but you are not 'me'."

"Of course, I know that," Chu Feng said. This was not the right time to chat with Han Qin Xi. It was weird to have Han Qin Xi speak to her first though. Why did she want to speak up now and in this situation?

"I am Chu Feng," Chu Feng mumbled to herself. She knew what Han Qin Xi said was true. When did I start to coward and hide? Just because of some story and its characters? Just because I can die anytime?

Just as she convinced herself, she remembered the words of her sworn sister Zhang Min back in her own world: "If one is scared of death, death will follow. As long as you still live, you can do anything; If the law restricts you, bend the law."

Bend the law... Bend fate.

"Ahem, Miss Li?" Chu Feng called out. 

People wouldn't question her for knowing who Li Yu Yan was right off the bat for Li Yu Yan was the talk of the city. With her (LYY) being the female lead, of course she'll need everyone to know who she was. Even before coming back to Nian City, words spread about Li Yu Yan, both in the form of praises and bad-mouthing.

Chu Feng made eye contact with Li Yu Yan and gave her a friendly smile. Then continued, "I'm warning you. You will regret making an enemy of me." Was this a bluff? Maybe. Chu Feng, herself, didn't know if she could take on the female lead but it was worth trying rather than die without trying. 

The thought of Flower Maiden versus Flower Maiden crawled into her thoughts. Now, wouldn't that be interesting?

"Ha! An enemy? You think you can just bully me and be let off?" Li Yu Yan scoffed. She wasn't going to let Chu Feng off unscathed today, even though her mother told her not to reveal this power of hers and told her to keep it a secret. 

She (LYY) was a Flower Maiden, born to be the best, the greatest, the one who everyone bows to from the start! A woman like the Third Lady of the Han Clan was below her. How could she (LYY) just sit still and do nothing when the man who was meant to be hers is taken by someone else? 

Chu Feng took a deep breath for what she will do next will be unforgivable as "a mob character".


On the snow, Chu Feng sat down with her legs criss-crossed. She opened her hand to catch a snowflake but failed miserably for her hand had no power left to move. Her body felt heavy and she was tired. What happened just now was something that could not be put into words. She was a witness and an accomplice.

She turned her head and saw a very familiar body laying next to her. 

So this was where he went.

Lan Jing had fainted earlier from the intoxicating smell of Li Yu Yan. He took too much of it. He was the only one who fainted from the smell and escaped the female lead's control. Though, why did he faint instead of being controlled? Wasn't his reaction too different from everyone else's? 

Chu Feng bit her under lips until it bled a little as she thought about the current events that was happening right now. Everything seemed to have occurred earlier than what was written in the book. Although, the female lead's and the male lead's love seemed to be like the story's. It was still slow although it had been four years now.

Some footsteps could be heard walking towards her. Just as she was Looking up, she saw Father Han and Lord Wang. Both their faces were of confusion. Seeing so many bodies lying on the ground could only make them ask themselves, 'What in the world happened while they were gone?'

It was yet still only morning. 

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