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Mingyu knows how to cook too. Did you forget after spoiling him so much? No, after lowering yourself so much?

Though Chu Feng wanted to say it, nothing came out. She quickly pulled out the accounting books to check them. Even so, her eyes still dimmed a little. Even if she tried to take her mind off Mingyu and Mei Lien's relationship, she couldn't. Their relationship wasn't as healthy as she thought it was. 

Status was too engraved in their minds. While Mei Lin forever considered herself a servant, Mingyu was born with the mindset of being superior to everyone else as he was a golden serpent.

Well, they were two people who were never supposed to meet, including herself (CF) too. The three were never meant to meet. Mei Lien was never supposed to be her maid and Mingyu was never supposed to be picked up by her. 

How could this problem be fixed?

The accounting book rested against the tip of her nose while she thought deeply to herself. Her eyes stared at the wall without blinking. An aura that demanded no disturbance and only silence could be felt throughout the room.

The suddenly thundering and roaring sky quieted down. No sound was heard. It was as if the world went silent.

At this time, people were still asleep. The "people" part included Mei Lin and Mingyu. The flower shop was closed and so were many others, except for some daring ones. This was not the type of weather people would open their shops in.

There was no sign of the sun rising from the east. The pouring heavy rain and snow raced down to touch the ground from the dark clouds, allowing sound to be heard again.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

A dark shadow rushed through the cracks of the door, followed by a cold rush of wind. 

Chu Feng looked over at the dark shadow. Her eyebrows knitted as she placed the accounting book down gently. A chilling smile, she made, unconsciously. If she didn't know who it was, she would have killed it right then and there.

"Dear customer, please stop coming to give requests like this," Chu Feng sighed. Every time Lou Siying wanted to request something, it would only be through his shadow and in this manner. Although she should be used to seeing it, it wasn't healthy for her soul. "Don't blame me if one day, I can't finish your requests."

After it leaves, she'll make sure to patch up the doors and windows so he can't come in like that.

Lou Siying's shadow quickly left a note and disappeared along with the cold wind through the cracks. Chu Feng sighed again as she picked up the note. What did he want this time? 

Not a second passed, the note turned to air. No trace was left. It was as if the note was never left there in the first place.

"Southern General Ming's first daughter, Ming Shu, will be having a death battle with the He Clan's daughter, He Peizhi, during the Yearly Grand Competition," Chu Feng said as if the note was still there. 

So, Dear Customer investigated me, even found out who I'm close with. How frightening. But does he know that I'm a daughter of the Han Clan?

Chu Feng chuckled. The thought of someone onto her felt disturbing though she was curious about what else people had to say about her. But that wasn't the main point right now. 

The only reason that He Peizhi, the fifth female lead in the novel, would challenge Ming Shu to a death battle was if her precious fourth brother, He Delun died. Was she on her revenge spree right now?

The plot was stubborn about not letting go of the "crucial" parts. Grandfather Han's death came. Now, it was He Delun's. Was Ming Shu's next? And after Ming Shu's, it would be hers (CF)? Should she (CF) start preparing for her (CF) own funeral?

With Grandfather Han's and He Delun's death, the plot moves forward with the political side of the story. If Ming Shu loses and is killed, her family would go for revenge, slowly ruining their reputation while the He clan rises with fame.

Chu Feng sighed. At this time, could she only sigh while thinking about the unknown known future? 

"How hopeless it feels when you know the future but can't change it," Han Qin Xi's voice ranged out of nowhere. 

"Who are you to say that it can't be changed? Have you tried?" Chu Feng questioned angrily. Who was Han Qin Xi to say she can't do anything?

Han Qin Xi didn't answer and paused for a few seconds. She (HQX) could feel the anger within Chu Feng's words. It's not that she hadn't try. She had. Many. Many. Many. Many times. Over and over again. Too many to count. At least this time, she (HQX) had a little hope. But the little hope was already disappearing.

Han Qin Xi answered: "Maybe it was my fault, my desperateness." 

Then, she quickly went silent. 

The both of them went silent. 

The world went silent, once again.

After the moment of silence, Chu Feng changed her clothes and went outside with an umbrella. As she walked away, the holes and the cracks of the house patched itself up. It was as if it knew what its owner wanted.

In the dark morning, only a figure in green who held a brown umbrella could be seen out on the streets. Though it was raining and snowing at the same time, Chu Feng did not use the umbrella. She held it only in her hands instead. 

Reaching a familiar-looking street, someone yelled, "Third Miss Han!"

In this crazy weather, who was crazy enough to yell out her identity? Someone may think she had committed adultery in this early morning.

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