PART 3: Back to Nian City

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Four years later, Nian City's gate.

It was the first day of the new year and the entrance gate of Nian city was crowded with all kinds of people -some with good intentions and some with bad. As a result, the security tightens during this time of the year, every year. 

Even with the snow, people would come all the way to Nian City just to take a look at the beautiful capital itself and sell their things. After all, with so many people going into Nian City, there would be a huge chance for the people to grow their own businesses.

At the gate's door, a young silver haired woman -dressed in black- looked at the long line of people and sighed. 'The line never stops ending,' she thought. She had on a black veil and carried a black and silver longsword around her waist. She looked like she was waiting for someone. 

Clop. Clop. Clop.

The sound of horses could be heard coming closer and closer to the gate.

Her eyes sparkled as she saw the person she was looking for. 

"Make way! The Prime Minister Zhou is coming through!" A guard yelled as loudly as he could. 

The silver haired woman immediately walked in front and blocked the Prime Minister's way, his horse almost crushing her. Luckily, he pulled his horse away at the right time.

"Are you seeking death?" One of the guards shouted and came over when he saw that someone blocked the Prime Minister's way.

The silver haired woman stood there, not moving. She was willing to block his way. Her skin was pale white and her cheeks were as red as blood for she was outside in the snow for a few hours now without any proper clothing attires on against the coldness. 

Her eyes were set on the Young Prime Minister Zhou, not blinking one bit. Her mouth had lost its pink color and her hands were cold to the point of being frozen.

"Zhou Weiyang," she called him. "The moment you leave here will be the moment everything ends!" 

The silver haired woman's eyes were bloodshot red, although she was beautiful -as beautiful as a snow fairy. 

The crowd of people looked at the commotion. They were watching it and none of them dared to interrupt it. They knew that death would come if they offended the Young Prime Minister Zhou since the Emperor favored him much. They all thought: Ah, that woman surely is beautiful but she has offended the Young Prime Minister Zhou.

Among the crowds were three figures who wore fur coats, watching the show. 

Chu Feng brought up a smile as she watched Li Yu Yan confront the Young Prime Minister Zhou. This was their biggest fight in the novel: Li Yu Yan was tired of the Young Prime Minister Zhou going away to other parts of the empire just because he was the Prime Minister and had to go on a Five Year Empire Quest.

Li Yu Yan knew that a Prime Minister must understand and know about the empire as they were the one who were responsible for giving advices to the emperor but because of it, he never had time for her. Even if it was by the Emperor's orders for her-to-be husband to go on that Five Year Empire Quest, she didn't like it.

The Young Prime Minister Zhou had been doing this since they met and Li Yu Yan was tired of it. She was surprised that his other wives didn't really care, but that must mean they didn't love him as much as she did. 

The Young Prime Minister Zhou had to gather and scout scholars as well as information about how the people were living and report back to the Emperor every three months (then he had a month to go back to Nian City and the cycle continues). After going to all parts of the empire and getting to learn and understand each place, he could go back to the palace and stay in Nian city. His limit was five years and now, he was on his way to visit the last city on the list -Calang City.

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