A Taste of Freedom (2)

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If what Chu Feng thought was right, then it must be the male lead. 

How would she know that he stopped in this place first? 

It would be horrible to meet him while she was running away. She was thankful for the old woman for telling her yet at the same time she thought the old woman just thinks too much sometimes. 

Chu Feng walked through the bamboo forest along a track. She thought hard about her situation and decided to accept it for now. 

Since Han Qin Xi already passed away, from now on, even if she lives in Han Qin Xi's body, she will no longer ber Han Qin Xi but Chu Feng.

A week later.

The wind blew and whispered throughout the bamboo forest. Little droplets of rain dropped onto Chu Feng's hat which she bought from the old lady's store the night she slept there.

"Why does it have to be so cold?" Cultivation would had helped but Han Qin Xi did not learn it. It's not as if Chu Feng could learn it now since she is on the verge of starving death. She had not eaten for over a week and had been stuck in the bamboo forest for a week now.

Chu Feng had stayed in the bamboo forest without having a fire or a place to sleep. Somehow, there was no rocks nor drinkable water found. She had been surviving on rainwater. 

She was not used to this type of circumstances. Everywhere she looked was bamboo and no trees. It was like a maze, making her go crazy.

Even as a hardcore fan of the novel, she didn't care a bit about small details and would only read about the main characters. She didn't know about Han Qin Xi much at all.

Was she going to get stuck in this place forever and stay here to rot and die just when she finally decided to live as herself and not for someone else?

Chu Feng no longer had the strength to get up. She was like a lost child with nowhere to go. 

Is this really the end?

She will really die here? In this place?

Finally, she laid down on the ground and took deep breath. If she was going to die, at least the place is beautiful. 

Maybe, she could go back to her own world if she was to die.

Somehow, everything started to feel very familiar, like she had experienced this before when she was little. 

But how would this situation feel familiar to her? She never once remembered--no, she had no memories of her childhood at all.

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