Han Clan's Mess (2)

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Wang Jiexi left after finding out clues about the culprit. 

Just how smart was this man? He could be a detective one day if he decides to quit being a lord.

By night, the moons had already came up and replaced the sun. Chu Feng sat in her courtyard in the Han Residence staring at the three bright moons accompanied by some treats and drinks. 

The snow had really piled up within a day. father Han said that Han Qin Xi's courtyard was always cleaned up every morning. There was really no speck of dust found when she looked around the familiar room. 

"Han Qin Xi, I'm just a normal person with a normal mindset. I have no power to grant your wish. I've read many novels about reincarnation and transmigration but I'm not like those main characters. Can't you see that I'm just a normal person with an average aptitude?" 

Chu Feng closed her eyes and got up. Each time she step, she could feel the cold and soft snow touching her bare feet. 

Little snowflakes fell onto her one by one. She laid herself in the cold snow and looked at the sky. It was dark but the stars really are nice and bright. A few comets could be seen. 

As the moons shined onto her, she turned into her flower maiden form. 

"What is normal and average?" Han Qin Xi questioned. 

Sometimes, Han Qin Xi would reply to her (CF). Most of the time, she (HQX) would only talk about her selfish wish. 

Grandfather Han's death really affected Han Qin Xi. Even though she (HQX) was 'dead', this body was still hers and so are her memories and emotions.

Chu Feng could still feel whatever Han Qin Xi was feeling when a memory comes up.

"I wonder," Chu Feng answered. 

In this world, what is normal and what is average? 

Everyone is crazy for power and beauty. Those who don't have any of them are at the bottom of the hierarchy. 

"I only know that I'm not an OP character. I have people who I hold dear so I can't just throw away my life recklessly even if I tried to in the past." 

Chu Feng could feel the snow touch her hands gently. 

Time could really stop right now. It was really too beautiful and heartbreaking.

"You are really selfish, you know?" 

Tears fell from her eyes although they were closed. Right now, she was being filled with emotions that fought against each other. 

Chu Feng knew that crying would get her nowhere but everything was frustrating.

Even if she had spent almost six years in this world and knew the plot, it felt as if she couldn't do anything at all. 

All the emotions that she kept inside her came out in one go. Grandfather Han's death triggered her suppressed emotions easily.

By the time she woke up, the sun was already up. She had cried herself to sleep in the snow.

The snow covered almost her entire body.

She could feel the coldness of her body but it didn't bother her. Something felt different.

Chu Feng walked out from her courtyard after changing into a different set of clothes. She covered herself from the falling snow with her umbrella to the front door.

The old servant from yesterday looked at Chu Feng with stars in his eyes. It was as if he was expecting her to save him.

"Third Miss!" He called for her attention.

As he yelled, all the other servants turned to look with expectations in their eyes.

Has the third Miss come to save them? But why did the Third Miss feel different?

In her white mourning clothes, Chu Feng walked to the old servant.

"Third Miss!" The old servant gleamed.

Chu Feng put on a gentle smile at the old servant which warmed his and the other servant's hearts.

She took out some papers and the servants smiled more and more. They recognized those papers for those papers were their contracts.

"Third Miss is really going to save us!"

All the servants yelled and expressed their gratitude towards her, thinking that they were going to be freed.

Immediately, their faces changed as Chu Feng slowly ripped a contract in front of them with a warm smile -the smile didn't look thats warm anymore.

"Ah!" Someone screamed.

"I have a few questions and I would like answers. Should there be silenece..." Chu Feng teared a few of the contracts together.

It felt like things was repeating itself. While making tears in the contracts, someone's face showed up. She was reminded of that devoted maid of hers.

But this time, she had no connections with these servants. None at all.

"D-don't!" Someone yelled. "Why are you going back on your words?"

"Am I?" Chu Feng questioned with interest but showed no emotions on her face.


This servant was really trying and holding onto his dear life. But what was he thinking when he helped plan the death of Grandfather Han?

"Did I promise you something?"

There was nothing in her memories nor in Han Qin Xi's that went along with whatever the servant was saying.

She never had contact with them at all. Who where they?

"Third Miss! You were the one who ordered us to put poison into Patriarch Han's food every morning! You said if we did, you would free us and give us a hundred violet crystals!"

Another servant yelled.

Then, a huge uproar of the servants arguing and yelling at Chu Feng folowed.

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