Mouths Will Move

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Tonight was the birthday party that Chu Feng had to attend with Madam Zhou but Madam Zhou was already at the Li Residence when Chu Feng got home. Chu Feng planned on not attending since Madam Zhou had already left without her but Lou Nan and Zheng Mingran were both waiting at the door for Chu Feng.

Both claimed that Madam Zhou said if Chu Feng didn't go then all the other wives of the Prime Minister couldn't go too. It wasn't really Chu Feng's problem though, but the two promised to not bother her anymore. They were from righteous sects and held high standings so they shouldn't go back onto their words, but just to make sure, Chu Feng made a contract just for the three of them.

The two were pretty reluctant but still signed. Just what was going to happen at the party that made them even willing to compromise with her? Chu Feng was curious but the incident at the Sun-Moon Pagoda was already enough for her.

Maybe it was because Zheng Mingran lost her home o she wanted to make connections? But that reasoning was just weird. Chu Feng threw that thought out the window. She couldn't think of a reason for Lou Nan as she had the backing of her Sect Master Bei Li. 

Ming Shu got ready within half an hour since all she needed to do was change her clothes and pack a gift.

As they all got out of the Zhou residence, coincidentally, all three of them wore a veil over their faces. It somehow made the three laugh at each other then awkwardly go into their own carriage. Chu Feng took hers off at the same time as the other two. They all went to the party without a veil.

Two beautiful women, Zheng Mingran and Lou Nan, stood beside Chu Feng, an overly powdered face woman.

Why did they stay with Chu Feng?

Lou Nan and Zheng Mingran did not really fit in with other people. They dislike talking to others too unless they have to or the other person talks to them first. As a result, the three of them stuck to each other. Even when Chu Feng wanted to pull away from them, they stuck closer to her. 

It made the three look close to each other and have a good relationship in the eyes of the people who were watching them.

Did they forget their own identities? They are renown people yet they wanted to stick with someone like her?

Chu Feng did not like this. This was somewhat worse than earlier. Having two female leads stick to you is very bad when you are only a mob character set up to die by their hands. Something must be wrong with their heads today.

Finally, Chu Feng successfully slipped away. She lost them in the crowd of people who were competing each other to gain favor of the Second Madam Li. 

The Second Madam Li has a reputation of having a lot of connections with people of high social standing. The current Empress Dowager was her aunt, which attracted many people to her (Madam Li). Some of them have evil intentions but some do not. The Second Madam Li was also the first concubine who Master Li took in and gave birth to his first two children. 

The main wife was Madam Li, Li Yu Yan's mother, who was the sixth and the second to last wife of Master Li. Although Madam Li was the main wife, the Second Madam Li had Master Li wrapped around her hands. She didn't want the title of main wife though everyone in the household, including the other concubines acknowledged her more than Madam Li. 

One, the Second Madam Li came first (since she was thirteen). Two, the Second Madam Li spent more time and knew about Master Li's favorites more than anyone. Thirdly and lastly, Second Madam Li had a much formidable backing than Li Yu Yan's mother. 

The Second Madam Li's words were everything in the eyes of Master Li. If she didn't want something, like the title of being the Main Wife, then he would agree. With all the fighting for the Main Wife's position, Second Madam Li didn't want it. She prefers a relaxing life with her children and out of harm's way. 

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