A Night Full of Desire

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The Young Prime Minister Zhou opened the door for her to go in first and followed after. 

"Han Qin Xi," he opened his mouth first, "Let's talk about something." 

His hands crossed each other as he sat like he was talking about business. His eyes were sharp and his eyebrows were knitted.

What was he going to talk about to look so serious?

Chu Feng gave a look of surprise although she wasn't. She just acted like how Han Qin Xi would when the male lead tries to talk to her.

He stated, "Let's divorce" while handing her a divorce paper.  

A cold shudder went down her spine as she took the paper and read it. Then, she put it in her chest pocket. Her body was reacting to his words. It took his words in deep to the bones. For the entire way to the Zhou Residence, she was silent and so was the Young Prime Minister Zhou. 

Chu Feng was silent for if she speak, she wouldn't be able to hold in her laughter and may even be screaming, "I'm FREE! I'm FREE! FREEEEEEE!!!" 

Although she was given the divorcement papers, she couldn't leave until the administratives put it into the Zhou clan's family tree which may take up to a month or a month and a half.

The Young Prime Minister Zhou looked at the woman in front of him. She looked so depressed in his eyes. He had never seen Han Qin Xi so sullen looking at all in both of his lives. She was always looking at him with cheery and happy eyes so much that he felt nothing could make her feel down.

When he first met her, she was the most beautiful being he's ever seen. Her lips, her green eyes, and her cheeks that blushed whenever she saw him all captured his attention. He couldn't believe that she was to become his wife. For his wedding, he was nervous. No one could make him feel so uncomposed. 

On the night of his wedding, his mother told him to go rescue Li Yu Yan. He felt reluctant to but his mother reasoned to him that Han Qin Xi was already married to him so she couldn't go anywhere anymore. She was tied to him. He agreed and left, only to come back and find out about Han Qin Xi's true colors. Although Han Qin Xi was beautiful, she had a heart of a vixen. 

Slowly, he fell for Li Yu Yan, and Han Qin Xi was just someone who came into his life for a little while. He disliked how Han Qin Xi craved for his attention and how she treated his other wives. Every time they met, Han Qin Xi would be so scheming, even forcing him to bed with her. To him, she was only a beauty in disguise. 

When he heard that Han Qin Xi bedded another man to become pregnant, the Zhou Clan elders had already decided to burn her alive without letting her know that she was carrying a child. He didn't hate her so much that he would kill her but before he knew it, she was already gone. He had just come from the imperial palace to the Zhou residence and she had already turned to ash. 

Why would he recall these memories at this time? And will the future change if he divorces her now? At the time that Han Qin Xi was killed, the Han Clan was declining to the point where they had little to no power since Patriarch Han and Han Qin Xi's father died so Han Qin Xi was easily disposed of. The Han Clan was in chaos and Han Qin Xi no longer had any strong backing. 

By the time the two got to the Zhou Residence, it was already midnight. Chu Feng got out first and started to head to her courtyard hurriedly. The Young Prime Minister Zhou thought that Han Qin Xi was just being furious for he told her about divorce. 

Just as she got to her courtyard, a maid came running to her while carrying some drinks and cups. 

"First Mistress," the maid called out to Chu Feng, "Madam Zhou invites you to the Pinyang Courtyard."

Pinyang courtyard? Where was that and why now?

If it was a summon from the head lady of the house, Chu Feng had to go even when it was already so late.

The maid help lead the way in the dark while carrying a lantern in one hand and tea on the other. 

Chu Feng was led into a courtyard which had lanterns hung at every corner. If the maid wasn't wearing a green robe signifying that she worked for Madam Zhou and if she hadn't seen the maid before, Chu Feng would have thought that she was being set up by Lou Nan and Zheng Mingran. The maid was Madam Zhou's close maid and entrusted almost everything with. 

The maid led them into a room and set the tea on the table which had dishes and treats prepared. The maid said, "Please wait here. Madam Zhou will be coming soon," and left.

Chu Feng sat in the room. Time passed and she couldn't really wait any longer since her stomach was starting to growl. The treats on the table didn't even last her long. Madam Zhou still hadn't come. If she didn't have to wait for Madam Zhou to come so that she could eat then she would have already eaten the delicious smelling food.  

The dishes were already turning cold and Chu Feng didn't want such dishes to go to waste. Madam Zhou wouldn't notice anything missing from the food if she just takes a bite right? 

Just as she took her first bite, the door opened. She panicked and tried to be as innocent as she could. She was just caught eating food by Madam Zhou! She looked at the door and it wasn't Madam Zhou but the Young Prime Minister Zhou. 

Why was he here? Did Madam Zhou tell him to come too?

At this moment, Chu Feng realized something and started to spit out the food she ate. This was planned by Madam Zhou!

"Young Prime Minister Zhou, this is a mistake. It's not what it looks like. Madam Zhou told me to come meet her here." Chu Feng tried to explain as quickly as she could and walked closer to the door -where he was. She was trying to escape. 

"E-excuse me!" Chu Feng quickly walked out but the door closed on her. Before the door closed, she saw two servants in green quickly close the door and locked the outside with chains. Chu Feng could even hear sounds of barricade outside the door. It's not hat she think it would be right?

"Uum, Mal- Young Prime Minister Zhou, it's really not what you're thinking." 

Chu Feng stepped away as far as she could from the Young Prime Minister Zhou. Something about him didn't feel right. 

"Young-" Chu Feng had her mouth covered in a flash. 

"Be quiet," he said while one of his hand covered her mouth. 

Chu Feng stopped speaking. Something was definitely wrong with him. His breathing was a little fast and could feel heat from his hand. Was he drugged with an aphrodisiac? If this was planned by Madam Zhou, then she also drugged her own son?

Her body began to heat up. She wasn't careful this time and ate the treats prepared. Slowly, her breathing started to change. 

The Young Prime Minister Zhou felt the change in Chu Feng and let go of her. Madam Zhou had fed him just now and he didn't think his own blood mother would give him an aphrodisiac. And it just had to an aphrodisiac that brings out one's full desire, breaking out of it was little to none. 

He backed away from Chu Feng and sat on the bed, taking his outer robes off. 

He's not doing what she thinks he is right?

Chu Feng went to the opposite end of the room, holding onto her clothes tightly. She will absolutely not bed with him. She's already gotten this far. If she beds with him then he may change his mind and take the divorce paper back. She will fight with her body's desire with her mentality's desire. She is so close to being free. A mistake is all it takes.

Author's message 7/6/2019: My updates will be slower after this week since I will be attending my summer classes starting next week. I want to say sorry beforehand for the slow updates from here on out. If everything goes right, Part 2 will be finishing soon (maybe before the end of July or August) and I will try to update more during my breaks. Thank You for reading! 

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