Li Clan's Daughter

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Li Yu Yan -with her three followers- walked into the heated room. All eyes looked at her and her followers.

"Weiyang, I got news that you had a divorce," Li Yu Yan said cheerfully as she walked into the room, passing all the elders. She went over to the Young Prime Minister Zhou and gave him a hug. She didn't even notice that the room was filled with a bunch of people. Those people witnessed everything. 

Li Yu Yan felt eyes looking at her and turned to look around. To her surprise, the room was filled with the elders of the Han and Zhou clan. She immediately let go of the Young Prime Minister Zhou and tried her best to look innocent. 

"I'm sorry. I didn't see you all." She apologized with her head low. She realized she walked in at the wrong moment.

"You are?" Even the Zhou clan elders did not know who the woman who just walked in was. Why did she touch their son?

Madam Zhou wanted to disappear right now. She also wanted to smack someone, especially the one who just came in. It was the first time she felt that way. Even when she fought with her husband's wives, it wasn't this stressful and she didn't feel the need to beat someone as much as now.

"I am Li Yu Yan," Li Yu Yan said as innocently as she could. Her face was so innocent that it made people forget she just touched the Young Prime Minister Zhou. But her actions earlier brought a lot of people displeasure.

Seeing Li Yu Yan's affection towards the Young Prime Minister Zhou and seeing him allow her to do that made the people there flabbergasted. They would be dumb if they didn't understand what was going on.

"Why was a son--no, daughter from the Li clan here?" Elder Han Eryan commented with displeasure although he felt that he already knew the answer. "Heh, so this was what the fair and generous Prime Minister was up to."

Li Yu Yan heard and her face immediately changed. She spoke up, "Excuse you, elder?"

"Ah yes, excuse me. EXCUSE ME!" Elder Han Eryan mocked. He shook his head at Li Yu Yan and the Young Prime Minister Zhou.

The Zhou clan elders were speechless. Why was the Li clan's daughter here? Was she a mistress?

"Prime Minister, it seems that we didn't know you well at all. You've really opened our Han clan's eyes." Elder Han Lang, who kept quiet all this time, finally spoke up. He laughed at the scene. "Ridiculous!" He yelled out.

Li Yu Yan felt offended. Who were these old men to judge their relationship? 

"Who are you to judge Weiyang?" Li Yu Yan said defensively. 

"You hear her? Weiyang, she called him." Elder Han Siu commented. He sneered at Li Yu Yan.

"Not even married yet and she calls him that. What a daughter of the Li clan." Elder Han Eryan commented next. 

"Wasn't she just a man a day ago? What taste the Young Prime Minister Zhou has," Elder Han Lang said smirking. Yesterday, at the Li Clan's Second Madam's birthday party, they announced their daughter Li Yu Yan as a full fledged woman while Li Yu Yan was giving Second Madam Li her birthday present. Only some people knew what was going on.

Li Yu Yan felt really offended. What have she done to get their statements? She looked at the Young Prime Minister Zhou for assurance and put on her most saddest look. She even managed to pull out the watery eyes effect. 

The Young Prime Minister Zhou just looked at her. He couldn't offend the elders more than he already did. Why did she have to show up now? She have to bear them for now. 

Seeing that he didn't give her any assurance, Li Yu Yan felt sad. Was he really not going to protect her?

"Please take Li clan's daughter out right now," an elder of the Zhou clan angrily stated. 

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