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Chu Feng felt the hand brushing her hair away. It felt like it belonged to a man. Who would sneak into her room in the middle of the dead night? 

She felt the man moving away and walking around the room. As the man turned away to look at Chu Feng's bed, Chu Feng slightly opened her eyes to peek at who the man was.

It was shocking. The young Prime Minister Zhou really did come into her room without permission. Was he not a male lead? And why did he come to her room?

She saw the male lead touching her broken bed. Was he going to break her bed more? It's already broken enough! 

The male lead was turning around to face Chu Feng. He felt someone staring at him. 

Seeing that the male lead was going to turn, Chu Feng quickly closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. 

"Open your eyes," the young Prime Minister commanded. He looked over to Chu Feng as she showed no movement. 

Chu Feng thought: If I play sleep, then I will sleep. I will wake up whenever I want to. Good night.

Although Chu Feng didn't get up, Zhou Weiyang had already noticed her pretending to sleep the moment he walked in. Earlier, he had seen a pure white figure sneaking around and climbing walls into Chu Feng's courtyard. He followed that person and saw that person go into Chu Feng's room. He really wanted to check if that person was the one from earlier at the Lake of Lanterns. 

Though, when he came in, no one other than Han Qin Xi was inside the room. 

Was he mistaken? Or could that powerful person be Han Qin Xi? But it was rumored that Han Qin Xi only knew little to no cultivation. She was barely at stage four of cultivation. It couldn't be her. There was too much of a huge gap. Unless she faked everything. 

But even in his previous life, she was useless and an idiot who also did not know cultivation. He witnessed Han Qin Xi's fall and death which she couldn't do anything against the servants of his household. All Han Qin Xi could do was make him furious and annoyed. Although this life's Han Qin Xi looked the same, she doesn't know how to handle makeup unlike the last life's. 

As Chu Feng wouldn't get up, he walked closer to her. He had checked earlier for those flowers that bloomed on the skin of the pure white maiden to see if they were on Han Qin Xi. He had seen those flowers in his previous life when he embraced Li Yu Yan. Though, that was only because Li Yu Yan inherited the blood of a flower maiden. 

He did not see any on Han Qin Xi and her skin was not pure white like the woman from earlier. He also couldn't feel the essence from before on Han Qin Xi. 

Before he left, he took another glance at Han Qin Xi. He'll just question her later if she saw anyone going into her courtyard.


Chu Feng really went to sleep. When she woke up, she gained the consequences of sleeping while sitting. This body was only use to comfortable bed and she knew it. Yet, she still slept on the chair. Her body was aching all over. 

She checked her skin to see if it changed back. She really did. She really hope the male lead did not notice anything different last night.

As, she thought about last night, she looked around if she was missing anything or if she gained anything. It's good to be cautious sometimes. She didn't want to be framed by anyone saying she stole something.

Well, at least he closed the doors before he left and she didn't get a cold.

Mei was outside, very energetic. She was already healed and all ready to work for Chu Feng. Watching the energetic Mei made Chu Feng laugh.

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