Unrequited Love

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"Don't worry, I've only heard the last sentence you said." Lan Jing said so smilingly. His eyes were smiling too.

Chu Feng could not make a face. Hers had a mixture of being caught, embarrassed, and confused.

"I'm only here to return this hairpin to you." Lan Jing pulled out the hairpin from his spatial ring.

Chu Feng was still frozen at the sight of Lan Jing and did not accept the hairpin from him.

Lan Jing couldn't help but smile once again. She was just too cute. She reminded him of a hamster he once had when he was young.

He walked up to her and put the hairpin in her braided hair bun.

After realizing what he just did, Chu Feng's face blushed red. She was always weak to affection when someone gave her some.

She wanted to push away as he was still fixing the hairpin in her hair yet she couldn't. Somehow, she didn't want to.

But isn't this way too fast of a meeting? It is too much! What type of man follows a woman home and fixes her hair on the first day unless it's a pervert?

At this point, Chu Feng didn't even care if he was the second male lead. She pushed him away as hard as she could even using her innate force.

Lan Jing took the blow and he flew nearly out the door. He was willing to be hit by this woman.

It's not like she did anything wrong. He had somewhat felt a feeling of wanting to fix her hair looking at her.

It was only for her self protection. But still, he wouldn't be him if he didn't do something afterwards.

"Augh." Lan Jing hit the floor with neck on the doorway.

"Ah, I'm so sorry!" Chu Feng ran to help Lan Jing up.

Lan Jing pretended to feel faint. He had his hand on his chest and did not turn his neck.

Seeing that Lan Jing had a hard time turning his neck, Chu Feng thought something was wrong. Thus, she panicked more.

She poured some tea for him while he growled from the pain.

Lan Jing, seeing Chu Feng panic and moving so fast, couldn't help it but laugh out loud. He could no longer hold in his laughter.

Chu Feng's face was lit up bright red as she looked at the laughing handsome man who was sitting on her chair.

This man is crazy!

It was the only thought she could think of.

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