A Story of Bleeding Love

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"My love for him ended him," Chu Feng repeated after Fei Wanting. Did she not kill him? "Lady Fei, how did you lose Han Tian?" She asked while her hands traveled to the back of Fei Wanting's bare shoulders. There, she confirmed her thought. 

Fei Wanting was branded by the House of Cards, meaning she couldn't leave this place. Being branded was like entering a blood life contract but for prostitutes. This Lady Fei couldn't have done anything even if she knew martial arts or cultivated because of the way that they were restricted by the brand. Out of curiosity, she touched it. A wave of mild energy shocked her.

"Sire, would you like to hear a story?" Fei Wanting asked with a sweet and soft voice as she slowly felt the young man's hands touching her bare back.

Chu Feng nodded her head as she whispered to Fei Wanting sweetly, "Do tell me". 

Lady Fei began to tell of her story in third person: "At twenty, a young woman fell in love. But the man whom she loved was a married man and was twice her age. He was strong and handsome -a man who was still attractive to young maidens. Her friends who were barely of marriageable age loved him too. They would sit chat about him."

Chu Feng looked at Fei Wanting who was smiling as she told her story. Fei Wanting was reminiscing with her past.

"He was Han Tian. Han Tian already had two wives by the time the young woman confessed to him in public and with presents, asking him for a hand in marriage. He looked at her and denied it straight up saying, 'you are too young for this old man, go find someone else'. However, the young woman didn't give up. She continued for three whole years day by day, proposing to him but everyday, he would reject with the same words."

Fei Wanting sighed, "How foolish the young woman was."

She continued: "One day, while chasing after Han Tian, the young woman met with a disaster and because of that disaster, they would lead each other to their demise. They spent a night together on the cave and did nothing, but rumors were strong. 'A man and a woman in a cave alone. Who would not believe they've done something?'"

Fei Wanting made a look as if she regretted her actions and her voice broke a little as she said, "The young woman took advantage of the rumors and made Han Tian pity her. He believed that he ruined her reputation and so they were going to get married."

"The wedding never came because the Han clan was fighting for the patriarch position at the time. Slowly, Han Tian 'fell' for the young woman who helped him win back his seat and became the next patriarch of the Han Clan. They slept together one night and that one night caused her to become pregnant."

"Right after birth, before she could even hold him, her child was taken away by one of the wives. The wife demanded that because she couldn't have a child or have Han Tian, she'll take the young woman's child to raise him. Han Tian agreed. He was a man of sympathy. He knew that he had 'loved' the young woman more and have been neglecting his wives so he began to give what his wives wanted to them while the young woman was given his entire heart. He told her, 'We'll have another'."

"They've not wedded. So how could they have another? Even if he gave her his entire heart, he didn't understand how she felt. She just lost her child to another woman who did not like her and may mistreat her son."

"Two years after, the young woman left to the brothel, purposely to make Han Tian show how much he loved her. She also couldn't hold in the pain of seeing her child calling another mother and finding out that she had become infertile. Han Tian would comfort her but couldn't do anything. Han Tian tried to bring her back but she wish he didn't. If she couldn't have him all to herself, no one could. It was her last resort to gain his attention even if he didn't love her."

"In the brothel, she had told many of her customers about her previous love life, foolishly and jokingly. She didn't know that they would actually take action and end him for her out of 'love'. Han Tian knew that he was being targeted but didn't do anything. Maybe it was a way for him to punish himself for ruining her though he clearly knew everything from the start."

"From the beginning till the end, his heart was unobtainable. She knew but still tried like a fool. Now that he's gone, she can only live as punishment for her actions."

Fei Wanting ended her story. Her eyes were beginning to close and she was somehow very tired. It seemed like she have no energy left. She also couldn't feel anything else anymore.

Before she fell fully unconscious, she said, "I wish I could accompany him."

"Love comes at a price that one will not expect it to be. It could be in the form of money, sacrifices, revenge, anything." Chu Feng mumbled to herself. 

Hearing Fei Wanting's love story made her have a mixed mood. This was a damaged and tragic love story who no one could be blamed for or maybe everyone involved was to be blamed for. Though, the death of Grandfather Han was really done by one of Fei Wanting's customers who was accidentally instigated into killing Grandfather Han after hearing the story. 

But why was Han Qin Xi the scapegoat? Why couldn't it be someone else? Although the people from that morning seem to have forgotten everything, there were still rumors going around about Han Qin Xi causing the death of Patriarch Han. I'm afraid it will be used against me in the near future. What evidence do I have? The letter? But who would believe the words of a servant?

It was already early morning by the time their conversation ended. Spending a night in the brothel with a prostitute and only a hearing a story was quite interesting in a way. This was Chu Feng's first experience in a brothel and it may not be her last.

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