Conflict Outside of the Han Residence

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Wanting some distance between them, Chu Feng pushed herself as hard as she could away from the man who smiled a little more instead of being angry. 

Once they parted, Li Yu Yan took advantage of Chu Feng having no balance from pushing herself away and tightly grabbed onto her enchanted sword the second time. She ran towards Chu Feng and swung her sword continuously one after another after missing her target. Each time Li Yu Yan swung her sword at Chu Feng, she (LYY) was getting closer and closer to wounding Chu Feng.

Li Yu Yan was set on wanting to show who was more powerful and wanted to teach Chu Feng a lesson all the while Chu Feng's mind was thinking of reasons one after another about why or how the second male lead came to her. She managed to avoid this pervert for almost four and a half year. She planned to avoid him for the rest of her life too. This second male lead was just too much of a pervert and he was also a lead character too. With him here, her death rate may have increased to 99.999 percent.

"Watch out!" Lan Jing yelled worriedly though he knew that the woman who he had set his eyes on was strong enough to protect herself. She (CF) also seem like she wouldn't like for him to disturb her. Lan Jing made this into a chance to see how strong and powerful Chu Feng has gotten and stood there with admiration for Chu Feng.

Chu Feng suddenly stopped and dodged to the side of Li Yu Yan as Li Yu Yan flew over to her. She (CF) grabbed onto Li Yu Yan's wrist and bended it, making Li Yu Yan drop her sword. A cracking sound could be heard throughout the crowd. Though it wasn't that loud, everyone seemed to have heard it.

Silence came along. The snow slowly fell from the sky as the people continued to stand and watch in silence. What they've just witness was too fast to see. All they saw was the Third Lady of the Han Clan holding the other woman's wrist and right afterwards, heard the cracking sound of the that other woman's wrist.

Looking at the crowd, more people seemed to have gathered in front of the Han Residence. The snow continued to fall slowly onto the ground and the sunlight from before disappeared. It was now cloudy.

"In front of my Han Clan's Residence, you dare to attack me, the Third Miss of the Han Clan? Are you trying to cause a rift between our neutral clans?" Chu Feng questioned as she let go of the female lead who was screaming in pain and whimpering like an injured puppy.

To still be able to look beautiful while in pain, the female lead was really admirable. She even got some people to worry for her and pity her. The viewers really thought that the Han Clan's daughter was going to far. Like, how could she (CF) bully such a weak and righteous woman?

Chu Feng stood continued to press onto Li Yu Yan's wrist, not deciding to let go for a second. Although Chu Feng looked fearless in appearance, her heart was thumping and beating hard. It settled down a little after she reasoned with herself that all she did was for self defense. She wasn't the one who attacked first anyways.

Let the female lead feel the pain. If she (LYY) was going to have a good life later just because she was the female lead, being crippled wouldn't affect her much. She can always heal herself with her regeneration skills as a Flower Maiden.

Li Yu Yan's hand shook from the pain. Then, numbness ran through her broken parts and she could no longer feel anything below her wrist. She gnashed her teeth while holding her broken wrist. What did that wench do to my hand?! How dare she hurt me?! I'll show her I'm not one to bully!

Just as Li Yu Yan was going to rage at Chu Feng, a man with the "Xiao" pendant came to stop her, blocking her way to Chu Feng. From the moment this man appeared in front of Chu Feng, she knew exactly who he was. This man was absolutely recognizable to her because of that unique and one of a kind pendant of his.

Damn! The third male lead is here!

Even though four years had passed all the leads seemed to have gotten more beautiful and handsome and radiant than ever. Their condition was still good unlike the minors and mobs. While Chu Feng was stressed out due to an unsettled soul, the leads all seem to be well. The author really was biased to the leads.

Lan Jing hurriedly ran over to Chu Feng's side and asked if she was okay and if she was hurt anywhere. The panicking Lan Jing lightened up her mood a little though not as much. It was more like she was interested in Lan Jing's superb acting. She didn't think that the second male lead would ever show as much "care" as he would right now, even his facial expressions was on point.

In reality, Lan Jing was really worried for her but was also glad for her. It was satisfying to see his "soulmate" deal with those who belittled her. If she was always like this then he wouldn't have to worry about any men coming for her while he isn't with her. After all, only he could have her and call her his.

Chu Feng's eyes set on the female lead as she could feel something different coming from her (LYY).

And she was right.

Within a second, Li Yu Yan's eyes turned emerald green and she emitted a sweet fragrance that could intoxicate people if too much was inhaled. Her hair glowed and little flower like tattoos appeared from her (LYY) skin. 

The viewers watched in amazement though the smell got to them and right afterwards, those people seemed to willingly follow Li Yu Yan's commands. Even the servants from the Han Clan who were being punished in the snow were affected to the point where they seemed to have lost all their senses and control of their own body.

What was the female lead trying to do? Control the living? But this was not part of her powers as a Flower Maiden or as a cultivator! Dear author, you've given too much power to your female lead! What about your minor and side characters?!

Ah, will this be the end? It's K.O... 

Chu Feng knew that when the female or male leads suddenly power up or go on full rage, the chance was either death or being crippled until you don't wish to live anymore. All she did was self defense! Why must she receive this as punishment?

Summer school has ended and I will be updating the story for the next two weeks (until school starts). I won't promise that I can update everyday but I will do my best! Thank you for reading the story, for making it this far, and for your patience! I am sorry if before you got a notification about this part's update. It was an accident on my part. Also, thank you for pointing out my plot holes and mistakes! I will try to correct them before and/or after the story ends. 

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