Three Moons Festival (3)

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The hands were little but strong. They were able to pull Chu Feng apart from Lan Jing. 

Lan Jing, who noticed that Chu Feng was being pulled away reached quickly for Chu Feng but missed. 


Chu Feng stumbled and almost fell onto the little Mingyu but luckily was able to balance. 

As expected of a divine beast. It wasn't as surprising to Chu Feng after remembering Mingyu's identity. To have so much strength although he was so young, especially when he was abused and was malnutritioned just a day ago, was something she was contemplating about. 

Was it that she fed him too much? But isn't it a good thing?

Chu Feng looked at Mingyu to check if he was okay. The poor little boy must have been scared seeing someone hug her out of nowhere. She leaned down to pat his back and give him a hug.

Lan Jing, who was being ignored, eyed at the young boy who took what was 'his' away. At the same time, Mingyu stared back at the tall man. Mingyu raised his hands and hugged Chu Feng back, shakingly. 

Ah, so he was really scared.

Chu Feng grabbed the little boy and pulled him up. She was now carrying him while patting on his small back, still ignoring the man behind her. 

Mingyu's face was facing Lan Jing. He broke into a little smile, tightly hugging Chu Feng, showing how protective he was over her.

In Lan Jing's mind, he questioned if she already had a child. Afterall, both of them were wearing the same clothing and had similar masks. Their actions looked like a mother and son relationship. But he still wouldn't care. He'll take her and the child both.

While Chu Feng was carrying Mingyu away in one hand, Lan Jing immediately grabbed onto her free hand. 

"Mind letting go? I believe we've only met twice." Chu Feng shook her hands away even though she asked. It was annoying enough to be hugged by someone who she didn't even know much about as a person and didn't have feelings for. The thought of being blown in the ears from earlier made her filled with disgust. She did not like how sensitive Han Qin Xi's body was.

"Would you believe me if I said that I fell in love with you at first sight?" Lan Jing stopped smiling. He was serious--well, at least he looked serious. His hand still reaching for Chu Feng's.

"In your eyes, just who am I?" Chu Feng stopped and carried Mingyu with both hands. She do not want to be a replacement for someone else. She went on her own way.

Lan Jing stopped his movements. He no longer tried reaching out for Chu Feng's hands. In his eyes, the woman in front of him was not Chu Feng but someone else. 

With the plot in mind, Chu Feng already knew who would end up with who. She would not want to be part of it. She was just a reader who was pulled into this novel. There is no place for her in the main casts' lives. She'll play Han Qin Xi's role until it ends; but of course, she's not planning on giving up her life.

Lan Jing, for one, was looking for a replacement for his first love who died due to an illness in his childhood. In search for a replacement, he met many different women and chased after them but in the end, he left them all broken hearted. All those women found out that Lan Jing was only trying to fill in his loneliness. 

None of them stayed. Until, Lan Jing decided to chase after Li Gao Xian, who was the half sister of Li Yu Yan and carried the title of being the second most beautiful women in the universe. Even with Li Gao Xian's beauty and kind nature, Lan Jing left her. Though, Li Gao Xian didn't give up on Lan Jing. She was the only one who pursued him even after he left her to chase Li Yu Yan.

This love story of his was stressing to Chu Feng and annoyed her too much. In the end, it even broke her heart seeing Li Gao Xian's actions go to waste as she support Li Gao Xian.

Revealing that she knew what Lan Jing was trying to do to her was probably a mistake, but at least she was finally freed from him. She had better not meet that man again. 

Chu Feng carried Mingyu onto the Bridge of the Lake of Lantern. Many people had already lit their lanterns. The sight was really beautiful: lanterns on water with the three moons shining down on them was sight to behold. Her mind was finally refreshed.

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