Unrequited Love (3)

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An old man stood looking at the two who seem to be embracing each other.

"In broad daylight, you two dare to do this in my household?"

Grandfather Han was angry to the point that he pointed his fingers at them shakingly. 

The weird thing was, Lan Jing not only not let go of her, he tightened his embrace. 

"Let go of her!" Grandfather Han broke his jade cane. His aura was fierce. The servants immediately backed away and hid.

Seeing this, Chu Feng used her inner force and separated from Lan Jing and ran over to Grandfather Han.

Grandfather Han suddenly spluttered out blood. 

"Grandfather!" Han Susu and Han Xiwei called out and ran over to him. Chu Feng reacted faster and held onto the falling old man.

The maids and servants rushed over to take Grandfather Han to his resting room.

Lan Jing was then left alone in the now quiet courtyard. 

An hour or so later, Grandfather Han woke up. Lan jing was standing next to him along with Han Susu, Han Xiwei, and Chu Feng. The concubines were all sitting next to Grandfather Han worrying. 

The doctor saw that Grandfather Han was awake and immediately asked them to give him some air.

"Grandfather!" Han Susu and Han Xiwei screamed again, shaking up the sleepy Grandfather Han. Although his eyes were open, he was not fully awake.

"Let me talk to the Seventh Young Master of the Lan Clan quietly," was the first thing he said after scanning the room.

"Grand-" Chu Feng tried to explain. But what was there to explain? She's done nothing wrong. It was all the second male lead's fault!

She was interrupted with and 'ahem' from Father Han. Father Han made everyone leave the room except for Lan Jing to talk to Grandfather Han.

Outside, Chu feng was being lectured by everyone. 

Everyone knew that Han Qin Xi always brought trouble, but this time, she really had gone too far and to even make Grandfather Han cough out blood. Everyone knew that Grandfather Han was getting old. 

In the end, all eyes looked at Chu Feng like daggers. Father Han, although, tried to reason things out between them. He was the one that brought Han Qin Xi into the family after all. 

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