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"Ming Shu," Chu Feng looked at the clear dark blue sky and its three moons. Tonight seemed to have no stars showing itself. 

Ming Shu was mesmerized by the faraway lanterns that were floating down from the Lake of Lanterns. She didn't hear Chu Feng call out to her. It was really the first time that she saw this. Although she lived and knew of almost everything happening in Nian city, she only heard of them. She had been training hard and going to Ren Sect for the last sixteen years of her life since she was three years old. 

Chu Feng and Mingshu were still on Ahxi who was just aimlessly flying them around Nian City. The wind blew through them and combed through their hair. 

Chu Feng's red string that she used to tie her hair with for her ponytail hairdo came off and her white hair gently fell down. Mingyu was asleep in Chu Feng's chest pocket. He was recovering from his battle.

"I think I've fallen in love," Ming Shu spoke suddenly, ending the silence between them. 

Seeing that Chu Feng didn't answer back, Ming Shu continued: "I saw him over and over for the past few days. I bumped into him on the streets. He's caught my eyes."

Chu Feng just looked down on Nian City as Ming Shu talked, her hair still shining though her skin was not no longer. She looked at her pure white skin and "flower tattoos" that grew all over her body. She wasn't really listening to Ming Shu who was talking about her love.

"He's tall, handsome, looks like a scholar. He had black hair, sword like eyebrows, a pointy nose, not too thin slips, and dark red eyes that will mesmerize one." Ming Shu looked so in love. She had never met a man who was that handsome. "He looked like he came out of a painting. I've met his beast that he kept too. It was a God White Liger, a divine beast that would only choose masters who had potential and goal."

Chu Feng's ear perked up. Dark red eyes? God White Liger?

It sounded so familiar to someone, but she couldn't think of who it was. It was right at the tip of her tongue yet she couldn't figure out who it was. 

"I've seen him come over to our residence a lot of times today and yesterday too. I think he's coming to ask my father, grandpas, and uncles for help." Ming Shu continued on with her description while Chu Feng struggled to think of who it was. "I believe his name was Lou Siying."

"Lou Siying?!" Chu Feng screamed. The Prince of the Underworld! Not literally, but he is the one who controls the entire black market along with the King of the Underworld, whose-name-remains-unknown! 

Both Chu Feng and Ming Shu stared at each other for awhile. 

"What do you see in him?" Chu Feng broke the silence this time. Although she sounded calm and her appearance looked clam, Chu Feng was panicking inside her. Lou Siying, number one on the hottest evil villains in the novel (voted by the readers of the novel). 

When the author drew him out, every reader stormed onto the website page and the website shut down for about an hour or so. That was one of the reasons why Chu Feng bought the author's books instead since the books had the pictures and signature of the author. 

Lou Siying was the first son of the Head of the Lou Clan and was also the heir to the Lou Clan. His father and grandparents were generals so they were close with the Ming Clan. That may explain how Ming Shu met Lou Siying.

Anyways, Lou Siying's character, at the age of sixteen, suffered first hand sex-education from all his twelve mothers -his father's concubines- who wanted to control the household just right after the death of his father due to Bone Corrupting Poison. 

The situation made him disgusted of women and hated skin contact with women. Though, he had no preference in men either. He went into the dark world and became one of the people who had the most bounty on his head after killing all the concubines and his said-to-be children, sparing no one. This man was insane yet the readers found him really attractive. He was a character that was so innocent and turned so evil to the point of no return. 

A waste of such a potentially good character. Chu Feng shook her head and sighed.

"I've fell in love with him at first sight." Ming Shu had eyes that sparkled and shined as she talked about him. She smiled widely and said, "I just can't believe there was a man so out of this world!"

Ming Shu was captivated by his appearance like the readers who read the novel. Chu Feng at some point had also really liked Lou Siying until he decided to rape the second female lead-Li Gao Xian- who was Chu Feng's bias and who Chu Feng shipped with Lan Jing. His insanity drove him more than insane. Lou Siying had little to no self control when he had his episodes. 

Though, even if he did do Li Gao Xian wrong while he was like that, he didn't care to realize what he did and just decided to leave. That was Li Gao Xian's and Lou Siying's first and last meeting as Li Gao Xian died a few chapters after to save the Lan Jing.

Well, Chu Feng knew it. If it wasn't the male lead then it would be someone else who's critical to the plot. 

"Is he good? Did you ever talked with him?" Chu Feng started interrogating Ming Shu who failed to realize what Chu Feng was doing. 

"I haven't really said much to him, but I did talk to him once. I fell into his arms and asked if I was okay." Once again, Ming Shu was talking as if she was revisiting her memories and replaying it over all again.

Isn't it weird? Ming Shu was a daughter of a general. "Ming Shu, how did you fall? You are from a strong military family."

"I don't know, I just fell. I don't remember at all." Ming Shu talked so sleepily. She laid back onto Ahxi and slowly closed her eyes. She was very tired from that battle. A lot of her energy was used up. 

"Ah? You don't remember how you fell?" It was suspicious. Everything that involved Lou Siying was suspicious. Chu Feng's body hair stood up while she thought about the crazy man. 

Seeing that Ming Shu went to sleep and that it was really late already, Chu Feng told Ahxi to take them to the Prime Minister's residence. While Ahxi was taking her home, Chu Feng looked at her skin. It did not turn back to normal. Was she going to look like this forever? Would Mei still recognize her when she goes back home?

On the way there, Chu Feng decided to drop near the Prime Minister's residence instead of in the it. There would be too many questions for her if she did. 

Well, at least she learned to climb up walls and was more prepared this time. Chu Feng went to the kitchen since it was a spot close to her courtyard and by now, no one would be there. The kitchen was also the only place that blocked her way to get to her courtyard. She quickly climbed up and went down the wall, falling onto her back. 

It would be really great if she was able to learn something to help her climb walls easier. Chu Feng rubbed her back and quietly went into her courtyard. Just as she sat down on her table, someone knocked on the door.

Chu Feng was shocked. Who would come in the midst of midnight? She decided not to open up in case it was a thief though she had no valuables or anything she considered valuable. 

The person opened up the door and Chu Feng pretended to sleep on the table, laying her head on the table with the support of her hands. 

The person brushed her hair away and walked around the room. 

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