Sweet Talk

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Fei Wanting's customer for the night was impatient. He tugged on her waist for her to go the room with him. He wasn't going to let anyone take this chance of his away.

"Lady Fei, may I be your partner for tonight?" Chu Feng sincerely said the sentence she rehearsed the moment she saw Fei Wanting.

"She's mine for tonight! She has already chosen me!" The impatient customer won't allow anyone to take his chance to ravage the beauty.

"I'll buy Lady Fei for the night," Chu Feng replied. She pulled out a palm size pack of violet crystals from her interspatial ring and poured it out on a table one after another like it was infinite. "This much should be enough?"

Seeing no answer, she pulled out a few more. "How about this?" With those, she had taken out fourteen packs of violet crystals in total. 

Everyone's jaw dropped. Who said violet crystals were rare? How come they are seeing so many of them right now? Are they fake? But they all shined through the light and all the energy around it was real! Why waste them for a woman like Fei Wanting and not the number one beauty of this place? 

Just as the impatient customer was about to say no, Fei Wanting pushed him away. She flew to hug Chu Feng as quickly as she could. "I'll spend the night with him," she announced coquettishly. 

Not wanting to let the matter go, the impatient customer pulled out a dagger. Everything went silent, even the music. Fei Wanting knitted her eyebrows and pushed Chu Feng behind her. If her customer was injured, her points will be deducted. 

"Lad, you've forgotten the rules of this place?" Fei Wanting pulled out a beautiful smile and walked towards the impatient customer. She no longer called the impatient customer "sire" for he was no longer a customer.

"Let me state which rule you've broken. First of all, you've been abusing the beauties that you've slept with. We particularly have a section for our customers who love that kind of thing but you prefer to do it with the ones who are not in that section. You've broken the rule of desires. Secondly, we may be prostitutes but we can choose our men and women before we enter our rooms. Our customers do not have a say except for rejecting our advances. You've broken that rule. Finally, the last rule you've broken is your intent to kill. House of Cards is not your turf." 

Fei Wanting must have lived here for many years. She seemed to know all the rules of this place at the top of her head.

The impatient customer angrily swung his sword at Fei Wanting but a masked man came down from the top floor and kicked the impatient customer out the door. When he turned around, his red eyes caught Chu Feng's attention. 

In this world, she had met three men with red eyes: Ou Renshu, Lord Wang, and Lou Siying. She had just seen Lou Siying so the man is either Ou Renshu or Lord Wang. Looking at the stature of the man, it must be Lord Wang. If so, why was he here? Was he investigating something?

"My apologies, Master Shen. I have allowed one of the customers to cause trouble in your presence." Fei Wanting bowed down to the red eye man respectfully. She didn't seem to be fearful of him. Rather, she was sincere and seemed admired the man.

Master Shen? Not Lord Wang? 

The man in front of her was definitely Lord Wang even if he wore a mask to hide his face. She couldn't mistaken those eyes of his. His was much more clear and light while Lou Siying's was a much darker red and Ou Renshu's red eyes were always smiling. Lord Wang's eyelashes were also longer than the other two and they were naturally curled. Was this his identity in the black market?

"He's no longer a customer. Blacklist him," Master Shen declared with an authoritative voice and stance. If it was like this, that customer will be banned from the entire black market. That was just how influential and powerful the House of Cards was. 

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