The Only Role for a Servant

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After looking around Nian City for awhile, Chu Feng led Mei Lien and Mingyu to their empty small shop. The snow had cover most of it up and knocked some of the windows down. The wood was already rotting since no one took care of it for a long time. Icicles hang on the roof and windows.

"Miss, it is really crumbling down," Mei Lien opened her mouth just to cover it quickly afterwards. She had opened her mouth too fast without thinking. She compared their house at Death Valley to the one in front of them. There really was a huge difference.

"It's fine. We can always patch it up," Chu Feng said as she touched the iced frozen door knob.

Just then, an old woman came up to them with a broom in hand. "Youngsters! Youngsters! Don't break into that building! It's already too old!"

Mingyu stepped up towards the old woman but Chu Feng pulled him back.

Chu Feng put on a smile and politely greeted the old woman who let go of the broom with a face filled with surprise.

"Miss, what was it?" Mei Lien asked after the old woman left.

"It's just that Aunty Lin was looking out for the small shop since we weren't watching it for a few years. She said that their were a lot of people who tried to buy the land and break into it because there were rumors that a rich handsome man used to live here." Chu Feng replied saying what she heard from the old woman.

When Chu Feng said 'rich handsome man', she looked over at Mingyu. Maybe Aunty Lin was talking about Mingyu. He did give off the vibe of a young master from a rich family.

Chu Feng went back to the door and creaked it open.

A few sharp needle like icicles that hung on the roof of the door fell down after Chu Feng went inside. The icicles almost gotten to Mei Lien as she walked in after Chu Feng. Luckily, Mingyu pulled her backward, allowing the icicles to miss her eyes that looked at the falling icicles.

Icicles were really sharp and deadly. If Mingyu didn't pull her away, she would have been wounded severely and possibly be blinded.

Chu Feng looked back and saw the two standing outside. She did not notice the icicles falling nor hear them fall. She was looking around the empty and cold building, taking note of what needed to be fixed.

The inside of the small shop had all kinds house insects in there: rats running around, spiders on webs, cockroaches roaming, etc.

There were holes in the roofs and on the walls that invited the snow inside. The cold wind was also a guest.

"This place is really at the point where it could crumble down at any moment," Chu Feng said as she continued walking around and checking out the other rooms.

The two outside went inside after the icicles were eliminated by them and the snow was moved away to make a path.

Coming through the door a second time, Mei Lien was ready to faint when she saw an index finger size millipede crawling her way. Bugs and Mei Lien do not get along.

"Ah!" She screamed her lungs out and fell backward. Her eyes were closed shut. She only felt that she didn't fall but was on someone. Mingyu!

A small, barely seeable smile formed on Mingyu's lips. It quickly disappear right after Mei Lien jumped off of him and quickly apologized.

"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" She repeated about another five times and bowed as she apologized to him, forgetting about the millipede that was crawling over to her.

What a welcoming! First an icicle and now a millipede!

Mei Lien tried to calm herself down. Her cheeks were turning red from embarrassment. She really was meeting a lot of misfortunes today. She turned back to the millipede but it was gone.

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